Moving between Montreal and Chicoutimi

Our company offers high-quality professional services for the transport of all your goods. You can trust our team of Montreal-Chicoutimi movers to take care of your furniture.
We know that moving Montreal-Chicoutimi or moving Chicoutimi-Montreal is a stressful experience. That’s why we strive to make it as easy as possible for you. We’ll take care of everything for you so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Moving Chicoutimi – Residential and commercial service

You can rest assured that your  Chicoutimi move  ( residential move ) will go smoothly and efficiently when you work with the experts at  Moving Cargo . Our top priority is to make sure everything arrives in perfect condition, so don’t hesitate! Our team is trained for all types of moves and will not only take care of your belongings but also the best way to transport them safely. We work quickly so there’s no wasted time packing or unloading; we take care of everything, from start to finish, with efficient solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client – ​​large house or small apartment .

You can be assured that we will provide quality service for your   Montreal-Chicoutimi commercial move . We specialize in small to medium-sized commercial moves as well as large corporate relocations; no task is too big or too difficult – we will handle it as our own business.

Moving price Montreal-Chicoutimi

If you are looking to move from Montreal to Chicoutimi, there are a lot of costs that come into play. The minimum cost for a truck rental with movers is $1,200 and the  total price range  may vary depending on the destination location within the city of Chicoutimi, as well as the type/size of vehicle that will be best suited at your request, the floor of departure and destination!
When you choose us as your mover, there are no hidden fees or surprises at checkout. Our flat rate pricing means you know exactly what price range to expect before we even start working on your application. Trust us for all your needs moving Montreal Chicoutimi cheap and see how easy it is to get started today!

Price Moving Montreal – Chicoutimi $1400 460km
Price Moving Brossard – Chicoutimi $1250 440km
Price Moving Longueuil – Chicoutimi $1200 435km
Price Moving Boucherville – Chicoutimi $1200 430km
Price Moving Varennes – Chicoutimi $1300 445km
Price Moving Repentigny – Chicoutimi $1200 430km
Price Moving Terrebonne – Chicoutimi $1200 435km
Price Moving Laval – Chicoutimi $1450 470km
Price Moving Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac – Chicoutimi 1500$ 480km
Price Moving Saint-Sauveur – Chicoutimi 1500$ 550km
Price Moving Deux-Montagnes – Chicoutimi 1500$ 480km
Price Moving Boisbriand – Chicoutimi $1450 470km

Moving piano Montreal-Chicoutimi – Transport of heavy objects

Are you planning a piano move from Montreal to Chicoutimi? We are the company for you! We specialize in moving heavy objects and can help you move your piano from Montreal to Chicoutimi. Our rates are fixed and competitive, so you can be assured of getting the best possible service.
Let us take the stress out of moving your upright  or  grand piano to  Chicoutimi . We know it’s a big job, but with our expertise, we can make it a breeze.

How to properly prepare for your Montreal-Chicoutimi move?

Far from what one might think,  moving a long distance  is in no way the equivalent of traveling a short distance. Preparing for a long distance move from Montreal to Chicoutimi is physically and mentally exhausting. The success of a long-distance move is the result of meticulous preparation, but above all of special attention to detail. Enough chatter, in this article, we will provide you with some tips that we hope will greatly help you prepare for your long distance move from Montreal to Chicoutimi.

Pay attention to all the details of the preparation

-To say vaguely to pay attention to the preparation would be a big mistake because the preparation of a move of this magnitude encompasses several aspects. For this, we will talk about some of these absolutely essential aspects to take into account when preparing for your move.

-The first is undoubtedly the choice of the company. Since you will have to collaborate for a long time with the company in question, it would therefore be wise to choose it carefully. Of course, there are some tips for choosing the right company, which you can discover in another article.

-The second aspect to consider is indeed the financial aspect. The move will cost you more or less depending on several factors including the distance to be traveled and obviously the belongings to be transported. To avoid going blind, discuss with your mover and agree on a price so that you can budget according to what he will communicate to you.

-The third point is quite special because it does not apply to everyone. This is about moving heavy objects. These heavy objects are things such as a piano , a safe or even a jacuzzi. It is important to inform your movers of the presence of such objects in advance because as you might suspect, the presence of such objects is subject to additional costs.

Analyze every detail with your Montreal-Chicoutimi mover

Again, I must reiterate that long distance moving is not something to be taken lightly. For it to take place in the best possible conditions, you and your Montreal-Chicoutimi mover will have to be totally synchronized and above all be very organized.

A good analysis of each detail will allow you to avoid certain factors such as forgetting certain details whose importance could not be the least.