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Montreal to Gatineau moving service - there are many practical tips to help you relocate cheaply in Toronto like: Plan your relocation well and plan it ahead. But in this article, we will talk about the 5 cheap relocation formulas designed by us Moving Cargo to allow our customers benefit from our professional services at the lowest possible cost.

The Economic Formula:

In this formula are included Transport and handling, but the packaging is made by you. By choosing this formula, your relocation will not be expensive while you will enjoying the expertise of professional movers. During the relocation you will play a major role in the organization, namely: the assembling and disassembling of furniture that can’t pass through the door ways to minimize labor force. This is because more labor force is equivalent to higher prices, so you will benefit from affordable prices by involving yourself. The movers will take care of the loading, the transport and the delivery and will put at your disposal the adequate equipment (boxes, wardrobe, tapes, covers and the necessary tools).

The Student Formula:

Here, the principle remains the same, the larger the workforce, the higher the price. So, for the students, we know that they do not usually have much money, so we let the student take care of everything and we provide a truck with a driver. A tip for students is to involve as many friends as possible so that the work does not rely on one person.

The Standard formula:

This formula includes packing fragile items. It also includes dismantling and reassembling of furniture. But here, the person relocation will always have to get involved for the smooth progress of the relocation. If you’re not so much of a handy person. Like you have seen before you will need to disassemble furniture yourself if need arises. So, if you are not able to do so, or find someone to, do not go for this package.

The Prestige formula:

Here, all your relocation process is handled by our care, from the boxes stage to the loading, and from the disassembling to the assembling of furniture once in the new home. Here, the person who is relocating does not have to move an inch, but just watch our team of experts carry out the relocation. And of course in this formula as in all others, we will take special care of your stuffs and ensure that nothing is damaged during the relocation.

The Group Formula:

Grouping is the easiest way to relocate cheaper over medium and long distances, so we offer this service for people who make small relocations in the same direction. By choosing this formula, you will be put together in one truck and the road expenses will be shared between you and the other customers.

Haven detailed the 5 cheapest relocation formulas we offer, choose the one that suits you best and we will be there to serve you.

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