Furniture assembly

Have you bought a new piece of furniture from Ikea, Brault & Martineau, Meubles Léon, Structube, Germain Larivière, Casavogue, Maison Corbeil, Mobilia, Roche Bobois, Natuzzi, etc.? Are you moving house or making radical changes? Professional furniture assembly from Moving Cargo Transport Inc. is a fast, high-quality and inexpensive furniture assembly service that will save you time. Our furniture assemblers in Montreal and surrounding areas are ready to help you at any time. We assemble, disassemble and install home and office furniture.

Assembling furniture in Montreal is not always a light task, and requires skill and patience. That’s why our our furniture assemblers do the small jobs for you.

Ikea furniture assembly

IKEA furniture assembly is our specialty. Whether it’s for garden furniture, bunk beds, storage cabinets, kitchens, children’s equipment, bookcases or commercial furniture, our IKEA furniture assemblers will demonstrate courtesy, respect and professionalism.

Cheap furniture assembler – Prices

Assemblage de meubles
Déménagement Cargo

A team of experienced assemblers ready to provide immediate assistance to meet the challenges associated with assembling almost any piece of furniture, offering impeccable service at competitive prices and, of course, no unpleasant surprises. Our rates for furniture assembly services start at $100/hr for a minimum of 2 hours of work. Take advantage of our reliable assemblers in Montreal!!!

Both assemblers and movers often offer very low rates. It’s just to get your attention. What’s a good low initial price if you get a lot of extra charges at the end?

Insurance for furniture assembly services

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can never be ruled out during a moving or assembly service. When moving a precious object or assembling a bedroom set, it’s all the more important to protect yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises. First of all, make sure you’re covered for compensation in the event of an incident: as a general rule, moving companies specializing in this field have insurance adapted to these situations. Check with your moving company to be sure. Secondly, be sure to use a qualified professional with the necessary authorizations to carry out this type of work.

Watch out! When assembling furniture, there should always be plenty of space. Therefore, after booking your order, please start preparing the room where the assemblers will work. Thank you for your understanding!

Installation of office furniture

Cargo Déménagement relies on a team of experienced assemblers who also offer Montreal furniture assembly services for businesses: workstation furniture, conference tables, desks, and more. Whether you need to assemble a single piece of office furniture or furniture for your entire your entire company our team is here to help you with all your office furniture installation needs.

Call us now at 438-937-8986 for all your furniture assembly projects in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore. Our experience makes all the difference.

Furniture assembly at home

Assemblage de meubles
Déménagement Cargo

Our specialists have extensive experience in home furniture assembly. Tables, armchairs, wardrobes, beds, desks, chests of drawers – our experienced assemblers can assemble any furniture model. Our in-home assembly service is reasonably priced, with no additional charges. At the same time, all our work is of the highest quality. Professionalism is 100% guaranteed. If you would like a guaranteed result,
please contact us!

Furniture assembly services available

    • Furniture assembly and disassembly
    • IKEA furniture assembly
    • Home furniture assembly
    • Urgent and last-minute furniture assembly
    • Furniture installation
    • Home furniture installation
    • Home/office furniture assembly


Assemblage de meubles
Déménagement Cargo

“While it’s best to book furniture assembly service in advance, for a variety of reasons this isn’t always possible. We are ready to send our last-minute assemblers to help you. Déménagement Cargo Transport Inc has a reputation as a reliable furniture assembly company. We have everything you need to carry out an urgent, last-minute furniture assembly service.”