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Moving Lanaudiere - calling a professional seems the most realistic solution, but you still hesitate? You do not know where and where to start? Services for professionals and individuals at the best price. Moving Cargo in Lanaudiere is the only company that has teams of movers shaped to carry any object: piano or pool table, a safe or dental chair etc. So if your house or apartment move also provides piano transport or pool table you can call our service: we take care from A to Z!

A local or long distance move? It's about organization and preparation first and foremost. It's time to reset the meters and know some things before moving. All the articles at your disposal, so our advice is there to allow you to have more ideas and especially to establish the right priorities. Here is a list of tips that will help you

1) Eliminate all harmful distractions - being motivated to pack when you move can be a problem when you are forced to deal with frequent interruptions and constant distractions. It can be really discouraging and demotivating to have to stop in the middle of packing a box to do something else in the meantime. Phones ringing, disturbing noises from various identified or unidentified sources, pets running around the house begging for food or asking for a walk ... while you're doing everything you can to pack your house quickly. Do your best to limit any distractions while racing so that you do not fall too far behind your pre-set packaging program. You can think of yourself as good at multitasking, but doing more than one thing at a time will only drain your energy faster. And less energy at work will automatically mean less motivation to pack.

2) Everyone who has decided to pack their bags without hiring professionals will need motivation to pack from time to time. And when that happens too, you'll be happy to know that you have a good option to solve this problem: ask friends to help you. Any activity, as boring and repetitive as it may be, can be fun when you do it with good friends. Reach your friends as early as possible so as not to disturb their own plans. Be open with them, tell them exactly what kind of help you need, and promise to return the favor when you need it. Play music in the background, offer good food and refreshing drinks, and have fun packing your stuff. You will never be overwhelmed when you travel with great friends around you.

Good move !

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