Average price of your move

Looking for the best price for your local or long distance move?

  • Moving at Cargo, you benefit from a moving service 100% professional hourly rate to very reasonable and transparent. Transparency is the most important part of our work policy.

    Our competitive rates will be based on 3 criteria:
    Date of your move;
    The volume of work (the required number of movers for your move);
    The distance between the two addresses.

    Here is how we calculate the time billable work:
    – Working time begins when you put your signature on the contract (in the day of your move) and stop when the movers leave the destination.
    – An additional hour of travel is responsible for the return to Montreal. This covers the expenses of the company to reach your starting address and return from your destination address to our advanced home.
    – We charge min. two hours of work + 1h for the additional displacement. Any additional time will be charged per quarter hour.
    We do not charge anything extra for plasma TVs, the window tables, sofa beds, etc.
    For some special items (like a piano, pool table, safe etc.) there are additional costs. The costs (extra) for special items will be provided during your quote request online or by phone.
    For long distance move the price will be calculated according to the distance between the two addresses, and the time required for your move (1 day, 2 days, etc…). That’s why we strongly recommend that you call us by phone or send us a free quote online.
    Take 2 min for estimating online and receive the response of here in an hour.

    5 Moving formulas for moin expensive price

    The movers usually offer 5 Relocation packages tailored to each moved. The price of a move strongly dependent on the cost of labor force, your active participation in the preparation of your move will allow you to move less :

    Economic formula : Transportation and handling (packaging by you). By choosing the economic formula for your move, you can move cheap while enjoying the expertise of professional movers. During removal of a economic (or cheap relocation), you participate in fact a part of the organization, reducing
    All the more the amount of hand labor and allows you to move at the best price. By opting for a cheap move, you arrange your d’emballer side and unpack your items and eventually dismantle and assemble your furniture if it does not pass through the access. The movers involved loading them, transport and delivery. In terms of packaging movers make you available the appropriate equipment (wardrobe boxes, scotchs-tape, blankets and tools).

    Students formula : You have arms, looking for a truck with driver.

    Standard formula : Includes packing fragile items. Removing and replacing the furniture.

    Prestige formula : The entire course of your move is done by us.

    Grouped formula : The grouping, the simple solution to move less on medium and long distances. For small volumes grouping in move is the most economical option for long distance. In this case, several small removals going in the same direction are grouped into a single truck and road costs are shared by multiple clients, allowing you to benefit from competitive prices. The grouping makes it difficult to choose the dates in advance. So you have to stay flexible in your schedule, and some little demand directions, deadlines are sometimes long. The bulk removal formula is used daily to transport some furniture at Due donation, purchase or succession.