You prepare your move to Montreal and looking for cheap movers ?
We can give you a price for your move: cheap, but still high quality. For your move is in good hands in trust Moving Cargo ! We are committed to provide the best service at low prices without surprises.

Our team of movers can, according to your demand, handle everything cheap relocation: packing, disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, loading, transport and unloading. If you are looking for a cheap move, Economic formula lets you obtain transportation, loading and unloading your stock still insured by professional movers (Read more in the section “PRICE” on our Web-Site).

If you want to lower your prices for the move, you will participate in a part of your move.
Start with:

  • Eliminate things so you no longer need (it is a good idea to get rid of all your unnecessary business).
  • Take what you no longer need or have a garage sale.
  • Pick up in stores or warehouses boxes, bubble newspapers and other paper and start packing business yourself.

To perform the loading and unloading of the truck, must not park anywhere … but closest to your home, an adequate way: not to block traffic, buses parking, parking for the elderly, sidewalk, etc. Do not let this procedure for moving day. You take the risk of falling into moving day on filled parking spaces or far away from your entry. Good parking guarantees a move easier, more effective and no surprises.

MOVING CHEAPEST AND REDUCE COSTS, it is possible through our grouping formula (especially over long distances). We perform your move as well as another one on the same day, with the same truck. It’s always small removals (for example, a studio that does not take much time) piano moving or moving some boxes and some furniture.
By choosing the bundled formula, you can lower the overall price of your move more than half.

Contact us now by phone or email and get your quote.