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There are many moving companies in Saint-Eustache, but they are all different in terms of: quality, movers, services and of course, price. We are always looking for the cheapest in St-Eustache, but not always the cheapest are the best! So be careful when you choose a moving company: it’s either you choose cheaper and 0 quality or quality at a good price!!! Moving Cargo offers its quality services at competitive prices. Independently of your choice, our experienced movers in Saint-Eustache, will carry out your move in the best conditions and at reasonable prices. We also offer moving services from Saint-Eustache to Quebec or City of Gaspésie, moving from Saint-Eustache to Saguenay or Ottawa, Montreal - Rimouski. Transportation and relocation service from Gatineau to Saint-Eustache or Chicoutimi, Sherbrooke and Val David, moving from Saint-Eustache to Toronto, Magog or Mont-Tremblant. Drummondville, etc. Whatever service you choose you will enjoy unbeatable prices.

When to move and what type of service should you choose? Know that school holidays, and the months of leave are very busy periods. For this, in order to avoid the unexpected, it is better to: Book your mover one month before the move date. Move in mid-month, mid-week and not on school holidays. However, some circumstances can still interrupt you here and there. Just as the delay of work in the new house, lack of space or a transfer abroad. No need to panic. It is quite possible to place your goods in individual ventilated containers called furniture storage, resistant to moisture and extreme heat. It is a service offered by most specialist companies in the field at fair prices.

The unforeseen still persist? Do you need access to the deposit to add some furniture and remove others? You can ask one of the companies that offer self-service storage. You can store your furniture and have access to the stock for a period that varies between days and months. All that is left to do is to pack your stuff and put it away in the boxes. Perfect packaging is the key to 0 damage. Make sure it's professional to avoid damage. At the moment of packing, make sure each piece is wrapped alone.

Do not mix items of a different kind in the same carton. Leave no gaps in the cartons and compact them so that the things in them do not move. Compose your boxes by putting in heavy elements at the bottom and light ones above. Make sure you balance and do not compose your box of heavy elements alone. Label and mark boxes according to their destinations in each room of the new home. Leave the kitchen the last room to pack as, it is used very frequently right till the last day. Empty the refrigerator to prevent rust and secure the door with tape, if necessary, for the washing machine, attach the drum, the door if any and the cables by adhesive.

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