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Entrust your move to Saint-Amable or Sainte-Julie to Cargo Déménagement - your professional movers on the South Shore of Montreal. We take care of the move of your home or apartment, business, piano or pool table in Saint-Amable for either short or long distances. Our movers will take care of everything with the greatest pleasure. To transport your upright piano, grand piano, harpsichord, organ of Sainte-Amables everywhere on the South Shore or Saint-Amable everywhere in Estrie, call our specialists in piano moving. Professionalism and the lowest price on the market guaranteed!

Move from Saint-Amable to Quebec City or between South Shore and Rimouski, transportation service between Baie-Comeau and Saint-Amanbles, move from Saint-Amable to Rimouski, between Saguenay Region and Montreal, Ottawa or Gatineau, Halifax from Saint-Amable to Toronto or Gaspésie, Gatineau etc. We cover the entire Province of Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick.

Moving, hire a company or do it with friends?

This is the week before your move, and the situation has deteriorated at home. And things are getting closer and closer. You've missed boxes twice, rolls of wrapping tape are a distant memory and every drawer in your house looks like a whirlwind of misery. Between frantically sliding your unwanted equipment on the sidewalk and trying to use socks as packaging materials for valuable items, you realize you'll never get all this material ready on time, alone. You will definitely need help. Not to mention that moving is not just about moving boxes. Take an honest look at the skills your friends bring to the table and see if they match the amount of work to do. Considring you have helpful and competent friends, but your car breaks down! Are you going to call on them for help, or would you call on professionals?

Moving is consistently considered one of the most stressful life changes a person can undergo. You are buying or selling your home, and you are constantly on the phone with utility companies. The most stressful, of course, is actually to come up with a plan to move all your belongings from one place to another.

So, when you start thinking about moving alone or hiring a moving company, you need to know the pros and cons of each option.

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