Sainte-Julie and Saint-Amable Movers Company

Sainte-Julie and Saint-Amable  moving service! As well as moving your upright or grand piano, we offer a moving pool-table service, to transport your safe, an assembly furniture service, storage and delivery. Our professional movers can transport skids! We are not just a moving company.  Our competitive price make us the best transport, commercial and residential moving company.

To believe us, you just need to visit our website!  We offer an array of services that makes us stand out from the rest.  For one, we can do many types of delivery.  We can transport skids from one location to another – including another city (contact us for the list), as well as store your goods, deliver large, heavy and delicate items such as pianos, pool tables and safes, and we can often do this at the last minute and urgently – just ask us if we are available!

As for those who are on a budget – we understand!  Our prices are already very affordable, but if you need to lower costs even more, we have a unique service called grouping.  This means that you can move your home or business, or deliver an item (such as the piano you purchased) using the same truck as another customer.  That way, you can cut expenses by sharing the cost of the move or the transport along with someone else.  The only disadvantage is that you have to wait until another customer is doing this in the same area as you, so you might have to wait a while, but for those who are flexible, this is an excellent option.

Furthermore, we can move almost any business and home to many different locations across Quebec and the Nation’s Capital. Therefore, we accept almost any sort of move and most large and heavy items.  We just need to know the details ahead of time, and we will gladly evaluate the move if it is necessary (for time, special buildings, winding stairs, large and heavy items, and so on).  We want to make sure we have all the necessary equipment on hand to prevent any damage and injury.