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For your move to Lorraine, our movers will take care of all your moving for you – packing and unpacking, loading-unloading, transportation, storage, etc.

Déménagement Lorraine offers you a set of professional services to deal with all aspects of your requests. From Lorraine to Quebec, Gaspésie to Lorraine and from Montreal to  Gatineau , Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke, we offer professional and inexpensive service. Moving between Magog and Lorraine, Baie-Comeau and Boisbriand, Saguenay to Lorraine, moving from Sept-Iles to Mascouche, Rimouski to  Toronto , Halifax to Montreal, Lorraine to  Mont-Tremblant .

From a simple move of a few pieces to a complete turnkey transport, our company will be able to meet your request thanks to our fleet of trucks, our equipment and our teams of movers.

Mistakes to avoid during a big or small move to Lorraine

moving Lorraine

Organizing your move to perfection has never been an easy task. This task is considered complicated by the majority of people elsewhere.

Indeed, the worry, stress and concern felt during this period can lead us to make one or more mistakes that can cost us dearly…Yes, we have warned you! And it is because we are thinking of you that we have decided to list, in this article, the most common mistakes that you should NOT make when  moving to Lorraine !

Moving during the wrong period – So that’s the first mistake not to make

Know that the choice of the date of the move is very important, so avoid bad times. And by “bad period”, we mean; summer holidays, public holidays or weekends. In short, simply avoid moving when the majority of people are unoccupied.

Why ? The reason is simple and logical; the quality of service provision is generally very poor during the periods requested. The planning of the movers is quite busy with a large number of customers, moves and trips to be made. This of course leads to sloppy work, far from being complete and up to the client’s needs. In addition, the movers recruited (especially during the summer) generally lack skills and professionalism!

Imagine, if you do not call on  a professional  Lorraine mover , who will help you dismantle your large furniture? Knowing that the neighbors will necessarily be on vacation at that time? You will have to do all the work alone, which is not at all feasible!

Remember to choose the right period that coincides with the presence of your neighbors or that of the right movers. The criterion of the period is the thing that you should consider the most before starting the move. So it turns out that moving during these times is definitely not a good idea. But when is the ideal time?

Choose the time when demand is low. It will save you agent as the cost would be more affordable. You guessed it: The ideal time would be during the winter or spring season.

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Moving of bulky and fragile objects in Lorraine

moving Lorraine

Moving furniture is a tiring task, it is necessary to have previously evaluated the space of doors, corridors, stairs if there are any and above all avoid colliding with fragile furniture. Furniture, such as the sofa or the bed, is heavy and quite bulky. Therefore, it is important to transport them with care. A piano  will require special attention when moving. Depending on its size, a furniture lift may be necessary.

For a refrigerator or a freezer the care will be almost the same, it will not be necessary to tilt them too much to avoid damaging their compressor. By using  professional movers in Lorraine , you can be sure to have moving experts who won’t damage your furniture: piano, pool table,  safe , fireproof filing cabinet,  gym equipment  , treadmill, computer cabinet , etc. Thanks to the budget made in advance, professional transporters will be able to provide you with the necessary equipment to move your thick and delicate furniture.

To safely move large pieces of furniture, we first ensure that they are properly secured. Once they are fixed, we plot in advance the route we are going to take. This allows us to identify any potential hazards, such as tight corners or tight spaces. Finally, we exercise caution when moving the furniture, in order to avoid any accident. By taking these precautions, we can ensure that large pieces of furniture are moved safely and efficiently.

Specialized moving in Ville de Lorraine – Approximate price
Approximate price for moving an upright or grand piano Lorraine $300-900
Approximate price for moving a Lorraine wood stove $300-850
Approximate price for Lorraine organ removal $400-500
Approximate price for moving a photocopier Lorraine $350-700
Approximate price for moving Lorraine safe 300-1700$
Approximate price for Lorraine billiard table moving 400-1800$
Approximate price for Lorraine treadmill moving $320-600
Approximate price for Lorraine electric bed removal $320-580
Approximate price for moving objects +300lb Lorraine + $280
Approximate price for moving various works of art Lorraine + $280