Moving Lorraine - Déménagement Lorraine - residential or commercial service over long or short distances, piano moving service in Lorraine.


For your move to Lorraine, our movers will take care of your entire it all: your packing and unpacking, loading-unloading, transport, storage, etc. Moving Cargo Lorraine offers a set of professional services to deal with all aspects of your requests. From Lorraine to Quebec City, Gaspésie to Lorraine and from Montreal to Gatineau, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke we offer a professional and cheap service.

Moving between Magog and Lorraine, Baie-Comeau and Boisbriand, Saguenay to Laval, moving from Sept-Iles to Mascouche, Rimouski to Toronto, Halifax to Montreal, Lorraine to Mont-Tremblant. From the simple move of a few pieces to a complete transport, our company will be able to meet your demand thanks to our fleet of trucks, our equipment and our teams of movers.

Errors to avoid during a move

Organizing your move to perfection has never been an easy task. This task is considered complicated by the majority of people.Indeed, the worry, the stress and the concern felt during this period can lead us to commit one or more mistakes that may cost us ... Yes, we warned you! And it is because we care about you, that we decided to list you, in this article, the most common errors NOT TO COMMIT any more during your move!

To move during the bad period - So that's the first mistake not to commit!

Know that the choice of the date of the move is very important, so avoid bad times. And by "bad period", we simply; summer holidays, holidays or even weekends. In short, simply avoid moving when the majority of people are not occupied.

Why? The reason is simple and logical; the quality of service delivered is generally very poor during the periods with high demand. The schedule of the movers is quite loaded by a large number of customers, moves and trips to be made. This of course leads to sloppy work, far from being complete and up to the needs of the customer. In addition, the movers recruited (especially during summer) generally lack skills and professionalism!

Imagine, if you do not call on a professional mover, who will help you dismantle your furniture? Knowing that the neighbors will necessarily be on vacation at that time? You will have to do all the work alone, which is not feasible at all!

Remember to choose the right period that coincides with the presence of your neighbors or that of good movers. The criterion of the period is the thing you should take most into consideration before starting the move. It turns out that moving out during these times is clearly not a good idea. But what is the ideal moment? Choose when the demand is low. This will save you money as the cost will of course be more affordable. You guessed it: The ideal time would be during the winter or spring season. For more information, please contact us at 438-937-8986 or fill out our online form.

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