Mastering the art of a successful business move

Organizing a business move is never something to be taken lightly. Going step by step is very important to be able to make the move a success. Many parameters must be taken into account. As improvisation and moving do not go together. It is therefore recommended that you work with moving professionals This is why we are going to guide you as well as possible and step by step in this new approach.

Hire professional movers   Hiring expert movers


Searching for the new location

Before planning the business move, it is imperative to search for the new premises. Various factors must interact when choosing your new premises:

  • Space
  • The framework
  • Accessibility

If you are planning to move your business to Laurentides, commercial lease advertisements as well as the specialized services of agencies can best help you in your search.

Make sure to respect the notice of your current premises

When it comes to leasing, automatically, you must have had to deal with the signing of a commercial lease. To be able to ensure your move in all serenity, you must wait at least 6 months after this signature to consider a change of premises. It is imperative to notify your landlord by means of a registered letter by bailiff. This way, you will have peace of mind to get down to the preparations for the move.

Notify your employees of the company’s future move

When the choice of the new premises is finally made, you must communicate with your collaborators. This will avoid discord or tensions within your team. In this way, you will have the opinions of all the members of your team and can adjust your business move according to their suggestions. In addition, you will be able to see that your team will reunite more easily.

The organization done step by step

Moving is often a source of stress. In view of the additional tasks to be performed, it is very important to take care of:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Logistics
  • Financial stains

In this new experience, you can establish specifications. This will allow you more precisely to classify in order of importance and urgency everything related to your future move to Laurentians.

Implement change of address procedures

Whether you are a professional or an individual, to be able to move quietly, you must:

  • Notify all the organizations in which you are affiliated (insurance, pensions, etc.) of your change of address
  • Update your partners and customers
  • Change the address on your business cards
  • Update your website

When it comes to a change of address, this necessarily implies a transfer of the company’s registered office.

Transfer of telephone and access lines

Verifications as well as fairly meticulous checks must be required during a business move. What exactly is there to check?

  • If the new address of the premises is eligible for the access line
  • Whether the business phone number can be transferred to the new location or not

In this way, you will not have to terminate your access line to subscribe to a new one once there. In addition, you can at the same time keep the same telephone number so as not to be obliged to notify your partners and your customers of the change of telephone line.
To ensure a safe move for your business, you can request an estimate from your specialized company.