Qualified movers for your moving Saint-Laurent

When planning your move to Saint-Laurent, selecting experienced movers is crucial for a more enjoyable and stress-free moving Saint-Laurent experience. We’ll discuss the importance of choosing qualified movers, the types of moving services available in Saint-Laurent and Bois-Franc, the moving process with our team and why you should trust Déménagement Cargo Transport – moving company Saint-Laurent.

We’ll also answer any questions you may have about preparing for a successful move. With our expertise and professionalism combined with our competitive rates, we’re ready to help you with this important step in your life.

moving Saint-Laurent
By choosing our professional movers, you can rest assured that your move to Saint-Laurent will be carried out with peace of mind. You’ll benefit from the expertise of a seasoned team, capable of caring for your fragile objects and securing your furniture.

Opt for professional movers for a stress-free moving Saint-Laurent. Benefit from the experience and know-how of a qualified moving company. Our qualified movers guarantee the safety and protection of your belongings. Save time and energy with our skilled movers. Benefit from competitive prices and quality service.

By choosing our qualified movers St-Laurent, you can rest assured that your moving Saint-Laurent will be carried out with complete peace of mind, with an experienced team that knows how to handle your delicate belongings and protect your furniture. Take advantage of this measure to ensure that everything is taken care of professionally, allowing you to concentrate on your new life in this beautiful city.

Moving services Saint-Laurent

Discover residential moving services tailored to your needs. Our company also offers efficient commercial removals. Entrust the removal of your heavy or fragile items to experts. Take advantage of our expertise in moving pianos and billiard tables. We offer local and long-distance moving services. You can count on our moving company to accompany you in your moving Saint-Laurent, whether it’s a residential or commercial move. We take care of all types of removals and put our know-how at your disposal.

Residential moving Saint-Laurent

moving Saint-Laurent
We manage a variety of moves and offer our expertise for any need: commercial or residential moves, transportation of heavy objects, pool tables, pianos, safes, and much more.

Trust us for a worry-free residential moving Saint-Laurent. We take great care of your furniture and belongings. Enjoy an efficient move thanks to our tried-and-tested process. We offer furniture packing and dismantling services in Saint-Laurent to ease your transition to your new home. Rest assured that your home will be in safe hands with our qualified movers St-Laurent.

What’s more, we offer a complete and secure storage service for your belongings in Montreal. Whether for a short time or a longer period, we have a variety of storage spaces to meet your needs. Our warehouses are heated, cleaned, monitored by camera and easily accessible 24/7 for your peace of mind. You can count on our experienced team to provide reliable, quality service.

We provide moving services between Montreal and Saguenay (Chicoutimi) or Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships. We also offer a shared moving service between Montreal and Quebec City or Gatineau, as well as in Bas Saint-Laurent (Rimouski and Rivière-de-Loup). If you’re moving to Ontario, we can handle your move to Toronto or Ottawa. And finally, we also serve New Brunswick, helping you move from Moncton or Fredericton to Montreal or Dieppe.

Commercial moving Saint-Laurent

moving Saint-Laurent
Déménagement Cargo Transport specializes in commercial moving in Saint-Laurent, offering efficient and secure solutions for businesses.

Entrust your commercial move to experts with extensive experience in the field. We guarantee the safe transfer of your business equipment and goods. Our specialized team is qualified to carry out moves for companies of all sizes. We offer you fast, efficient service to minimize business interruptions. Call on our company for a successful commercial moving Saint-Laurent.

  • Relocation of small businesses to Saint-Laurent
  • Moving dental clinics to Saint-Laurent
  • Moving beauty salons to Saint-Laurent
  • Moving large warehouses to Saint-Laurent
  • Moving lawyers’ offices to Saint-Laurent
  • Workstation relocation in Saint-Laurent
  • Moving printing plants in Saint-Laurent
  • Moving a gym in Saint-Laurent
  • Moving daycare centers to Saint-Laurent
  • Moving catering equipment to Saint-Laurent
  • Etc.

Moving heavy or fragile objects in Saint-Laurent

moving Saint-Laurent
Déménagement Cargo Transport excels in moving heavy or fragile objects in Saint-Laurent, ensuring safe handling and transportation.

Transporting fragile objects is often a source of concern for customers. Nevertheless, our company goes to great lengths to guarantee totally secure transport and packaging. We guarantee that your fragile items will be transported without risk of breakage.

We have the expertise to ensure the safe removal of your heavy, very heavy and fragile items. Whether it’s your precious piano or your billiard table, you can trust us to move them with care and attention. We use specialized techniques to protect your fragile items during transport, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Thanks to our meticulous care, your goods will be safely stored and delivered. Let us take care of your heavy objets moving in Saint-Laurent and ensure risk-free transportation of your precious items.

If you find yourself in a situation where your heavy items can’t be transported by elevator or stairs, don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you. We offer a hoisting service, enabling you to move your bulky items safely and efficiently. With our professional equipment, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of to the highest safety standards.

All items will be suitably packed using materials such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and blankets. We have the necessary equipment to pack all types of objects and furniture, ensuring optimum protection and rapid, damage-free transfer.

  • Moving a billiard table
  • Safe Deposit Box Removal
  • Moving fireproof filing cabinets
  • Moving commercial photocopiers or printers
  • Moving gym equipment (treadmill, elliptical, etc.)
  • Moving commercial ranges
  • Moving commercial pizza ovens
  • Moving a vending machine
  • Moving a commercial mixer
  • Computer server relocation
  • Moving a wood stove
  • Removal of granite, glass and marble tables

For moves of heavy objects, take advantage of fixed rates starting at only $300!

Specialized moving in Ville Saint-Laurent -Approximate price
Item to be moved Starting price
Approximate price for moving a Saint-Laurent upright or grand piano 300 $
Approximate price for wood stove removal Saint-Laurent 360 $
Approximate price for moving a Saint-Laurent organ 420 $
Approximate price for photocopier removal Saint-Laurent 450 $
Approximate price for safe removal Saint-Laurent 400 $
Approximate price for moving a Saint-Laurent billiard table 650 $
Approximate price for moving a Saint-Laurent treadmill 380 $
Approximate price for electric bed removal Saint-Laurent 380 $
Approximate price for moving objects +300lb Saint-Laurent 300 $

Moving piano Saint-Laurent

moving to Saint-Laurent
Déménagement Cargo Transport specializes in piano moving in Ville Saint-Laurent, guaranteeing a safe and professional service.

You’ve been dreaming of having a grand piano in your living room for a long time, but the idea of moving the instrument scares you? Don’t panic! We are here to help you. We specialize in piano moving in Saint-Laurent and transport all types of instruments: upright pianos, grand pianos, organs. We are equipped to take pianos upstairs or downstairs in complete safety.

Whether you need to move locally or over a longer distance, whatever the season, we have competitive fixed prices starting at just $300 plus tax. So don’t hesitate to make your dream a reality. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

So if you need to move your piano in Ville Saint-Laurent with specialized movers, don’t hesitate to contact us at 438-937-8986.

Moving a billiard table Saint-Laurent

moving Saint-Laurent
For a pool table move in Ville Saint-Laurent, trust Déménagement Cargo Transport for impeccable service.

When looking to move your pool table, don’t choose just any Saint-Laurent moving company. Choose the right one and they’ll make sure your billiard table is safe from harm thanks to their high-quality services at competitive prices! The professionals at Déménagement Cargo in Saint-Laurent can help you move your billiard table. Whether it’s long-distance or local, we’re the team for you! Entrust your pool table removal to the real specialists at Déménagement Cargo Transport. High-quality services at competitive prices. We’re the best in the business!

Furniture assembly and disassembly in Saint-Laurent

We know you have a lot of work to do, so we take care of the heavy lifting for you. We carry out all types of furniture assembly and disassembly – from delivery to installation! Let us work for you, for IKEA, Walmart, Sears, Brault et Martineau, etc. furniture assembly, wood furniture assembly, home furniture assembly.
We also assemble and dismantle all types of furniture-workstations, home furnishings and garden furniture.

As a skilled team, we take pride in our work and look forward to serving you. Our furniture assemblers in Ville Saint-Laurent are happy to do whatever it takes for customers!

The moving process with our team

Our team will help you plan and organize your moving Saint-Laurent. We take care of all the tasks involved in your moving Bois-Franc and Saint-Laurent, from careful packing and protection of your belongings, to secure transportation and on-time delivery.

We understand the importance of adapting to your specific needs and constraints. That’s why we organize your move efficiently and methodically, taking your preferences into account. You can count on our seamless coordination for a smooth move in Saint-Laurent. Our qualified moving company is with you every step of the way, so you can move with complete peace of mind.

When moving in Saint-Laurent, we put the safety and protection of your belongings first. Our professional movers offer a meticulous packing service using high-quality materials to ensure optimum protection. From furniture to fragile objects, everything is treated with the utmost care. We pay particular attention to the packaging of precious or delicate objects. Thanks to our packaging expertise, your belongings will be stored in complete safety.

Competitive prices throughout Montreal

moving Saint-Laurent
Déménagement Cargo Transport offers competitive prices for your moves anywhere in Montreal, combining quality and efficiency.

At our Saint-Laurent moving company, we understand the importance of offering competitive rates to meet your budget. We offer quality moving services at affordable rates, with no hidden fees. With transparent quotes, you know exactly what you’re paying. Our aim is to offer you excellent value for money, so you can move with complete peace of mind in the Saint-Laurent region. We are committed to providing you with an efficient and reliable online service, catering to your specific moving needs.

Whether you’re moving into an apartment, a house or commercial premises, our competitive rates are there to help you achieve your move with complete peace of mind. Our rates start at $120 per hour for two professional movers and a clean truck.

In conclusion, it’s essential to choose qualified movers to guarantee a stress-free and safe move to Saint-Laurent. Whether you need a residential or commercial move, or the transportation of heavy or fragile objects, our experienced team is there to help you every step of the way. Thanks to our expertise and professionalism, we ensure meticulous planning and organization, careful packaging and protection of your goods, as well as safe transport and delivery.

What’s more, our competitive rates make us a reliable and affordable option for your Saint-Laurent move. Get ready now by planning your move to Bois-Franc and Saint-Laurent and enjoy the benefits of a well-planned transition.

Why Saint-Laurent?

The borough of Saint-Laurent is an ideal place to live, work and play. Here you’ll find everything you need for everyday life, as well as schools that prepare children from all backgrounds to become successful adults – including some of Canada’s top colleges!

Saint-Laurent is easily accessible (numerous freeways, public transport, trains and metro). It is the metropolitan region’s second-largest employment hub, with 107,000 workers, and is home to Canada’s largest technology park (Technoparc Montréal’s Saint-Laurent Campus).

What’s more, there are plenty of parks where children can explore or simply play ball on open fields, while parents also get some exercise; so everyone feels happy even after long days at work…


How to Prepare for Your Move to Saint-Laurent?

Carefully pack your belongings. Disassemble bulky furniture. Plan ahead to avoid last-minute stress. Label your boxes for easier unpacking. Hire our professional moving company.

What are the Benefits of a Well-Planned Move to Saint-Laurent?

A well-planned move offers many benefits, including reduced stress, a quicker and more efficient relocation process, assurance that your belongings will be transported safely, easier task management, and a smooth transition to your new home in Saint-Laurent and Bois-Franc.

Why Trust Our Saint-Laurent Moving Company?

Choose our Saint-Laurent moving company for reliable and professional service. With years of experience, we prioritize customer satisfaction and safety. Trust our skilled team for a risk-free move.