Moving from Montreal to Ontario - the best-known solution for not breaking the bank during a long-distance move is undoubtedly groupage - a perfect solution for moving a few boxes or furniture, a piano from Montreal to Toronto or the other way around , a mattress etc. But, it is clear that some will have reservations about this option that is why, in this article we will see the various advantages and same disadvantages of this practice to determine if it is to be considered or not.

What is group moving?

It's a type of move where many people in the same direction share the same truck. It is very often organized by companies to reduce the costs paid by individuals. In general, it is up to the company to determine the date of the move according to the availability of the customers.

What are the advantages of a group move?

The Price: The price is the main asset of this type of move. This option is useful for the mover who fills his truck on the go and return and the move that takes advantage of a lower price than if he had to rent the entire truck all alone.

Relocation is relatively faster: Relocation will be relatively faster because a larger team will be affected by the high number of people moving. Thus, the work will advance relatively faster.

You benefit from Company: As the move is very often a one-off business, the group move could help you meet new people and new contacts that will probably be useful in your new city. In addition, the day of the move itself, you will have people to keep you company.

The inconvenients

Finding yourself with someone else's business By undertaking a group move, you probably fear the loss of a valuable item from the truck sharing. Rest assured, this fear is not legitimate because, any professional mover will have the different spaces of his truck separated by partitions. So, there is little chance that the business of each other will be confused because everyone will have his space. But for safety all the same, make a note on your different cards so that there is no chance that they are taken for those of another.

The choice of the date does not depend entirely on you: As we said before, it would be necessary that several people going in the same direction fill the truck. Because of this, the exact day of the move also depends on the other people with whom you will share the truck. Nevertheless, the ideal would be to contact the mover a long time before and to arrange for you possible parameters taking into account the unforeseen.

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