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Although the grand piano is usually more expensive and more cumbersome than upright pianos, their sound is unparalleled, making it one of the most popular musical instruments.

When you talk to one of our rep to move a piano, it's safe and certain that we'll ask you for the piano length, so some information will also be needed to learn and be useful to make the purchase. a grand piano or for his move.

A grand piano has an 88-key keyboard and a range of just over 7 octaves, so there are no wider or narrower grand pianos! The final impact on its sound, its price and the price for its transport will be its length:

  • grand piano, which may exceed 3 meters (6-10 people will be needed to do the transport)
  • piano demi-queue, about 2 meters (3-6 people will be necessary to do his transport)
  • quarter-tailed piano, about 1.70 meters (3-4 people will be needed to transport it)
  • piano toad (2-3 people will be necessary to do his transport)

Grand pianos or half-tailed pianos are acoustic instruments that require the greatest care when they are transported from one place to another in Montreal. These pianos that we define as concert instruments, can not suffer the slightest impact, or the slightest scratch. Our team of skilled movers in the Montreal area know that any grand piano (whether 3/4 tails, 1/2 tail or 1/4 tail, called 'toads') requires a lot of care during his transport. Note that the piano movers in our company are physically fit and are instructed from A to Z how to carry a upright or grand piano and also learn how to make small adjustments when they are needed.
We know that your piano is an investment, and that it must be protected during each stage of your grand piano move. Whether you are moving into a condo, a multi-storey house or a basement, trust our piano transportation experts in Montreal.

The transport of a grand piano is more sophisticated than the transport of a upright piano and is done in several stages:

  • Securing your piano
  • The complete cover of your piano with adapted covers
  • Disassembly and securing with suitable straps
  • The piano boarding in the truck
  • Installing or setting up the piano at your destination

For more details, we suggest you visit our page on YouTube and then read the comments of our customers. You can also contact us by email, via our online form or by phone at 438 937-8986.

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