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Our experts in moving a grand piano carry your fragile object without any problem.

The synthesizers

Synthesizers can simulate hundreds or thousands of different sounds. In addition, their weight and easy-to-carry shape makes them one of the most popular modern instruments.

Since synthesizers have many advantages over traditional acoustic pianos, especially in terms of weight and volume, they are easily transportable in concerts or rehearsals. However, when carrying a synthesizer over a long distance, several precautions are needed.
The cover of your instrument with padded covers, to cushion shocks during the trip is almost more important than acoustic pianos 'tail', yet very fragile. Indeed, the synthesizers are made mainly of electronic components, which makes the slightest vibration or the slightest shock difficult.
For your removals of synthesizers, do not take the chance to break your electronic equipment or your musical instruments: call on the skilled movers of Cargo Déménagement:

Securing your piano

  • The complete cover of your piano with adapted covers
  • Transporting your piano with suitable straps
  • Moving your piano with a qualified team
  • Transporting your piano in a truck
  • Installing or setting up the piano at your destination

Frequently Asked Question: Buy a synthesizer or a piano?

For this question, unfortunately, we can not give a firm answer! The purchase of a piano or synthesizer must be done depending on several factors among others and the goal: are you a professional or a beginner, get the synthesizer to learn to play or to make music (musical arrangements) , have enough space in your house for a piano, etc.?
So, if you buy it to make your first steps in the world of music or you are a professional and your work requires you to concert, accompany in different places, the synthesizer will easily replace the piano. But one thing must be clear: even if the fantastic progress sometimes creates a disturbing illusion, the traditional piano can not be replaced by any average mentioned above.

Leading manufacturers: Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Novation, etc.

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