5 Steps to Plan Your Move

Moving is a way for many people to make a fresh start. Live new adventures and meet new people in order to create strong relationships. But it is also a source of anxiety. From the point of view of the organization and administrative preparations, this can cause constant stress. It is for this reason that we give you some advice on how to plan your move in five steps.

Steps to planning a movePlanning a move


Choosing the best moving company in your area

There are more and more professional moving companies these days. Therefore, it is necessary to see all the achievements and references of each company before hiring one. Comparing the services of two or three companies in your city would also be a better way to see their skills. In this way, you will be able to benefit from very satisfactory moving services and according to your needsOur specialized team  is at your entire disposal to offer you a unique move.

Planning the costs of your move

It is important to assess the amount you will invest in your move. The more detailed information the mover has, the more accurate the estimate will be. Be sure to tell him:

  • If there are stairs (elbow or spiral),
  • If there is an elevator,
  • If some doors have to be removed due to the width of the cabinet

Plan how to pay your moving company

If possible, do not pay in installments before moving or at least. Therefore, if no moving company appears or the moving company goes bankrupt, you will not lose much money. If you don’t connect in person, but over the internet or phone, the mover won’t be able to legally accept (or demand) a deposit unless you pay with a credit card.

Planning your moving contract with your movers

The Consumer Protection Bureau recommends that you enter into very detailed agreements with potential promoters. The contract must be in writing. Likewise, if you reach an agreement over the Internet or by telephone, you must sign a contract which will be sent to you by post.

Think twice before hiring a moving company

Contrary to what most people think, there are not always 10 days to change your mind and terminate the contract. Signing a contract means you agree. Be careful and only sign if you are absolutely sure you are using this engine. You can benefit from the expertise of the experts of this moving company for free, without any liability.
Indeed,  by contacting our moving experts, we will be able to carry out a complete evaluation of your project in order to provide you with effective moving quotes adapted to your situation. We can offer you solutions and solve some problems easily. And since our moving specialists are responsible and very passionate, you will have a guarantee of their skills in this area. Your items will be safe with our team.