Discover the incredible benefits of hiring piano movers in Montreal!

Even if moving a piano is complicated, it is not impossible. Any move is bound to be stressful. It is for this reason that it is essential to ensure that everything is in order. For the planning of your next move, to be able to facilitate the movement of your piano, it is preferable to refer to professional movers in the field of transporting heavy and bulky objects. They will provide you with safe transportation. But what guarantee do their piano movers in Montreal offer?

Make your piano move a success   Successfully moving your grand piano


High-end technological tools

Instead of tackling the preparation of your piano alone, you can ask for additional help. And what could be better than those of professional movers in MontrealIn this way, you can take care of the other tasks that await you. The use of machines or packaging boxes adapted to each of your utensils is all the more essential to manage your move as well as possible. The tools most used by our professionals are:

  • lifting straps
  • Carts or devils
  • Trucks for transport
  • A lift or hoist

How Piano Moving Services Work

Planning your piano move is very special. And having the right equipment will make the task easier and less rigorous. As the instrument is both fragile and bulky, it will not be easy to move it. For the safety of your piano, there are no universal methods known to all, you just need to have the necessary tools in your hands before you can transport it. All our movers make sure to do an approximate calculation of all door and window frames. Thus, they will be able to know perfectly by which place to pass your piano. Do not hesitate to hire the services of a  moving professional to be sure and be satisfied with your move.

How to roughly estimate the cost of a piano move

There are two types of movers: those who specialize in local or national moving and international movers. But before deciding to work with movers, you must know approximately all the services included in order to be able to set aside the budget for your piano move. This is why we offer you a free online estimate to adapt your move according to your budget. The moving formula plays a very important role in the cost of your move. It is therefore essential to first choose the service you want.