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Call the best movers in Longueuil to book your spot now. Moving Cargo Longueuil offers its movers and moving services: residential and commercial for individuals and businesses, piano (large, straight), pool table or safe, treadmill, dental chair, etc. We are experienced in moving high quality from Longueuil to Quebec, from Longueuil to Toronto, cheap movers from Gaspésie to Longueuil or Mississauga, Saguenay-Longueuil-Baie-Comeau, moving service between Ottawa and the city of Longueuil, Montreal and Rimouski, Gatineau or Amos. Transportation between Longueuil and Chicoutimi, Sherbrooke or Victoriaville, Magog or Trois-Rivières, Drummondville, etc.

The choice of the moving company certified and registered in the trade register

The laws and regulations governing this sector of the move are very different and numerous. First, any moving company must have a registered number and must be registered in the trade register. While making sure of the existence of its registration by means of a company number. Not to mention, the usefulness of its registration in the transport register in order to benefit from a license from the Quebec commission of transport. This is also compulsory, an insurance covering all risks of your property or damage that may be caused by the loading, transport and unloading of your furniture. We therefore advise you to check with the mover the proof of your insurance as well as the validity.

Turning to the opinions, testimonials of the customers who have already used the service of the company in question, these two means are extremely important in order to find the correct company, which respects strict specifications. What is more reliable and more recommended are the opinions of your relatives and friends. Word of mouth remains an ideal indicator of quality of service.

The pre-visit and the quote request are essential

After the stage of selecting the most successful companies, it will be useful to meet each mover and discuss all the points, even those that seem less important and useless at first sight. You must absolutely address all points with the commercial to be sure and certain of the quality of service that will be provided. The ideal is to ask the sales representative to visit you before D-Day in order to detect any possible access difficulties and to judge the punctuality and professionalism of the company. Be careful, it is better to be well informed about the moving company before entrusting your furniture to it. Therefore, having them visit you before D-Day makes it easier for you and helps you to save time, in case you live in a remote area, a narrow street or you live in a building where the intercom does not anymore.

Be careful, you must read carefully the estimate while carefully examining this paper. Check the detailed description of services, prices and payment terms, exact address from the point of departure to the point of arrival, date, volume and value of the furniture, guarantee rate. Your presence on the day of your move is extremely important, to be aware of the progress of the transition and to sign the documents of this operation, namely: the transport letter and the declaration of end of work.

That's a good way to avoid problems and ensure the good condition of your furniture.

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