Moving gym equipment in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore

Moving a bulky or heavy item requires special skills, instruments and structures in order to ensure an excellent workflow. To complete the movement of particularly heavy or bulky goods, specialized teams are hired, equipped with the supplies and equipment necessary for the proper execution of each stage of the move: packaging, handling, dismantling, proper installation and movement. In order to move and transport a very heavy or very large object, a preliminary study is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises and guarantee perfect service: protection of the place of departure and arrival (nearby objects, walls, doors, etc.) , integrity of the property transferred, compliance with deadlines and budgets announced. The specialists of Moving Cargo generally conducts an on-site interview to examine the objects to be moved (weight, dimensions, materials, etc.), determine the best transport route and become aware of all the limits of the operation (parking of the vehicle, protection of the heritage, identification of obstacles on the route, route, possibility of using mechanical means, etc.).

moving elliptical trainer

How to move an elliptical trainer

When you want to move an elliptical trainer or other sports, weight training or gym equipment, we advise you to consider these packing recommendations.

  • Moving an elliptical trainer safely and inexpensively
  • The original packaging remains the most suitable thing for moving an elliptical trainer.
  • Disassemble the elliptical exerciser for which it is intended to be shipped. Remove control panels, power cables, loose parts and accessories. Pack each item separately in cardboard boxes, bubble wrap or plastic bags.
  • Purify the gym bike.
  • If you no longer have the original box of your bike, you can wrap the device in dedicated moving blankets.
  • Put everything in a cardboard box.
  • Fill the blanks with a softening material (styrofoam shavings, styrofoam, crumpled paper, etc.).
  • Close the box and seal it with tape.

Safe transportation of gym equipment

“When you entrust the moving of these types of items to professionals, choosing Pallet Shipping is the best option for shipping bulky gym equipment. Shipping several medium-sized machines overseas and across the country can also be done on a single pallet, provided it is properly packed. Shipping costs often depend on the size and weight of the items. The most economical solution would be to disassemble the devices and pack them as compactly as possible. The most suitable economical solution  for transporting bulky gym and sports equipment is pallet transport. Each move of equipment adapted to standard dimensions is automatically covered for up to $200. Additional insurance between $1000 and $2000 is added at a reasonable price during the booking process.”
– Economic Cargo Moving

Moving gym equipment in Montreal

When you are a sports enthusiast, the meaning of moving for you is also planning to move gym equipment. There’s a right way and a wrong way to move your sports equipment.

Clean and disinfect all equipment

First, it’s important to thoroughly sanitize and clean everything in your gym before you move in. Thoroughly clean all handrails and surfaces of treadmills, weight machines, ellipticals and other exercise equipment. A powerful solution which is the mixture of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Wash towels and blankets in a hot water cycle in the washing machine.

Move the mat for yoga

When planning your gym, start with the smallest items. Begin the packing process with the yoga mat and its accessories, such as yoga pads, blankets and towels.

Move the dumbbells

If you have several heavy plates or light hand weights, it is quite important to ensure that your moving boxes are strong enough to support their weight. Remember that it is better to use several small cardboard boxes rather than trying to fill everything in one large box.

Moving the elliptical trainer

Unlike a treadmill which folds easily, the shape of a chunky elliptical trainer makes things complicated. The device must be disassembled before moving it.

Move the treadmill

There are several ways to make your treadmill less tiring. First, make sure to completely remove the device and disconnect it. All wires must be separated from the wall.