Montreal-Saguenay Moving Service

Montreal-Saguenay moving– Cargo – a residential and commercial moving company,transport piano (upright or grand piano moving), safe transport, moving pool-table, an assembly furniture service, and storage, look no further! Our professional movers transport skids and do delivery. We are a transport and moving company that offers an excellent price!

If your budget is limited, we are the ones for you.  Our prices are very competitive and we also offer a unique service that allows you to save money on either your move, your transfer or your deliveries :  it is called « grouping ».  For example, if you wish to purchase a piano or a pool table, you can wait until someone else is moving or asking for a delivery in the same area as you and you can share the costs of transportation.  You can also do this with an actual move for your home or business.  The only disadvantage is that the dates become limited, but for those with some flexibility in their schedule, this is a great option.

As for the moves themselves, as metioned previously, we do both commercial and residential moves that include difficult-to-transport items, such as all types of piano, safes and pool tables, as well as large equipment for your business (but please specify when contacting us prior to the move – we need to evaluate the buildings at both addresses and the weight and types of items).  The company offers moves in many areas of the province of Quebec and the Nation’s Capital, so enquire about any cost and area that we cover!

We also offer a great skid delivery service.  We have the palets necessary to do so and we have the personnel and the trucks for this type of work.  Furthermore, if your delivery is urgent, there is a good chance we can accept to do it for you – just contact us with all the necessary information in order to evaluate the time needed to do it, and we will let you know if we accept!