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Saint-Mathieu - residential and commercial moving service, delivery and transport of piano and pool table in Saint-Mathieu in peace and without worries. We also take care of your next long-distance moving project from Saint-Mathieu to the city of Sherbrooke or Magog, Gatineau or Ottawa, transportation service between Saint-Mathieu and Trois-Rivières or to the North Shore of Montreal, move between Saint-Mathieu and Quebec City, transport service and installation of pool table between Baie-Comeau and Brossard.Small or big move from Saint-Mathieu to Saguenay or Sept-Îles, Gaspé etc. Note that we cover the entire province of Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario, Nova Scotia and Manitoba.

Temporary storage

You may need to store your items for a period of time until you are ready to have them in your new home. In this case, you will need to request this additional service. The longer the storage period, the higher the storage costs.

Tasks planned for the move

Packing for a move can be a really demotivating task - it takes forever to finish and is often considered the most boring job in the mobile checklist. As a result, you may find the lack of packaging motivation disturbing. The scenario without motivation to pack can happen to everyone. Fortunately, there are proven ways to combat this mental condition so you can finish the packaging as intended.

The following 7 tips will show you how to be motivated to pack to move

Break the packaging into easy-to-manage mini-tasks. Packing an entire house for a move is a huge project that can discourage you by thinking about what to expect. It is relatively easy to lose your motivation to pack when you know that it will take several days before you can finish what is often considered the task in motion that requires the most time and effort.

The trick to packing a move without being submerged is to break the big project into small packing tasks. In this way, you will find the resulting division of tasks easier to accept and even encouraging because you keep the marking as a complete mini-packaging task after another.

Increase your motivation to pack for a move by setting up smaller projects while packing the contents of one piece. In this way, each completed mini-packing job will give you a reassuring sense of progress.

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