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Moving: where to start?

If your first concern is the success of your move. That is, you want an organized and de-stressing move. This article is made for you ! Obviously, to begin your move, several things must be considered.

Some tips for a successful move

The first thing to consider before preparing your boxes is sorting. Getting rid of items no longer in use or little, is a good idea. Indeed, emptying your shelves is the best solution to avoid additional charges and interest. You cannot, for example, take with your old objects (broken machine / furniture, novels you do not read ...) that you deem unnecessary. Dare to throw them away, give them away or sell them if it could save you money.

For example, let us say, I have a very old refrigerator that I do not use because it does not work properly, why should I keep it? I might as well sell it; that would allow me to make money and, at the same time, carry less luggage. Always ask yourself before taking anything with you: '' Do I really need it? If the answer is no, get rid of it! That way, you are at least sure that you only take along the essentials!

After the sorting step comes then that of the packaging. For this, it is necessary to collect, well before the date of the move, the number of boxes that you need. Of course, one could never guess the exact number, but the bigger it is, the better! Think, after the preparation of the boxes, to label each of them to better identify them. Nobody can deny that moving your business is a real headache, especially if it involves fragile objects!

To avoid here too any kind of surprise, it is necessary to place the heavier objects at the bottom of the truck and the lightest in front. For example, you can slide the washing machine, the refrigerator, the sofa at the bottom of the truck in the first position, then the furniture in second position. After installation, do not forget to hold it by an X-shaped strap to avoid any incident.

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