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Moving Pierrefonds-Roxboro, best service guaranteed!

Moving company in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Moving Cargo is a professional and experienced moving company in Pierrefonds-Roxboro and in the village of Senneville that offers the best service at the most affordable rates. We are proud to be your local movers for all types of  Pierrefonds-Roxboro moves, including residential piano, billiards and commercial. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth move. No hidden fees !
You can trust our movers in Pierrefonds-Roxboro to take care of everything from packing your belongings to delivering them safely to their new destination. We’ll even help you set up your furniture when it arrives so it looks perfect in its new home! And we offer free quotes for all services, so there are no surprises when paying for our services.

Commercial moving in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

We know how to carry out your commercial move in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. At Déménagement Cargo, we have specialized in commercial and industrial moves since 2012! Our experience gives us the skills needed for any project, large or small – whether it’s a small office space move or a large corporate relocation ; all tasks are successfully completed by our company.
Moving Cargo in Pierrefonds-Roxboro guarantees excellent service through attention to detail and hard work from experienced staff who care about doing the right thing instead of trying anything, so you don’t have to to worry about during your commercial move to Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

Moving heavy objects in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Moving heavy objects in Pierrefonds-Roxboro is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and consideration to ensure that the item is not damaged or broken during the process. We know this because we are experts in moving this type of object: upright piano, organ or grand piano,  safe or pool table, wood stove or photocopier,  treadmill or electric bed! Our team has years of experience in all aspects related to these types of specialty moves in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. So don’t worry – we’ll make sure everything comes out intact at its destination.
You can rest assured knowing that our team will look after your belongings with great care and attention. They have been trained specifically for this type of work, so they know how to handle it properly. Trust us when we say you won’t find another company like ours on the market today! If you want your belongings moved safely, contact us now!

Approximate price for moving an upright or grand piano Pierrefonds-Roxboro 215-600$
Approximate price for moving a Pierrefonds-Roxboro wood stove 280-550$
Approximate price for Pierrefonds-Roxboro organ moving 250-500$
Approximate price for moving a photocopier Pierrefonds-Roxboro 280-500$
Approximate price for moving a Pierrefonds-Roxboro safe 225-600$
Approximate price for Pierrefonds-Roxboro pool table moving 300-700$
Approximate price for Pierrefonds-Roxboro treadmill moving 250-400$
Approximate price for Pierrefonds-Roxboro electric bed moving 280-480$
Approximate price for moving objects +300lb Pierrefonds-Roxboro + 240$
Approximate price for moving various works of art Pierrefonds-Roxboro + 250$


Best moving price in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

At Déménagement Cargo in Pierrefonds, we offer you the best moving services with punctual movers who work hard. We also provide the necessary equipment, professional service and affordable rates starting at $100 per hour for 2 people and a 20ft truck!

Tips for a successful move to Pierrefonds-Roxboro

– First of all, remember to choose different sizes of boxes to optimize the space in the truck and be careful not to create boxes that are too heavy. For example, use small boxes for your books and other heavy items, and large ones for your clothes and other light goods.

– Label your boxes by contents, but also and especially by rooms to facilitate your Pierrefonds-Roxboro move. Avoid storing your cutlery with your books, for example. This will simplify your move: in your new home, you can store and open your boxes in the rooms that correspond to them.

– Take care of your most fragile belongings! Group fragile items in the same boxes and label them clearly. Handle these boxes with care and try not to place heavy boxes on top during your Pierrefonds-Roxboro move and to secure them well during transport.

– The day before your move to Pierrefonds-Roxboro, confirm the arrival time of the movers with your company and, if possible, plan a place for the truck in front of your home. Also take care of the last details of your move: empty the water from the pipes of your washing machine, unplug and thaw your fridge, dismantle the last remaining furniture.

– Also prepare your suitcases with the necessary for the night and the next day, and make sure to keep on hand the items you may need in your new accommodation and in the old one: toolbox, light bulbs, products cleaners…

– The same day, check the destination address of the movers then make sure to turn off the heating, electricity and read your meters. Then you can blow! You just have to let the professionals do it .

Your satisfaction and the goal of our company in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. For an accurate estimate call us now. We will be proud to have you as a client.