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Moving Cargo is your moving specialist in Pincourt for your residential and commercial project! In addition to moving your upright or grand piano or safe, we offer a professional pool table moving service, a home furniture assembly service, warehousing and delivery. Pallet transport in Pincourt and everywhere in West Island! Buy moving supplies and equipment in Pincourt at the best price. Whether you are moving to the same city or from Pincourt to Toronto or Saguenay or Quebec City, transportation between Rimouski professional, without puzzles for individuals and professionals - fast, safe and comfortable: Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick .

If you have any doubts, just visit our website! We offer a range of services that make us stand out from the rest. We can do several types of delivery. We can transport and deliver your pallets from one place to another - including another city (contact us for the listing), as well as store your goods, carry important, heavy and delicate items such as pianos , pool tables and safes, and we can often do it at the last minute and urgently – you just need to ask us before if we are available!

Our prices are already very affordable, but if you need to further reduced costs, we have a unique service called grouping. This means that you can move your house or business, or even a single item (like the piano you bought) using the same truck as another customer. In this way, you can reduce expenses by sharing the cost of moving or transporting with someone else. The only drawback is that you should wait until another guest does it in the same area as you, but for those who are flexible, this is a great option.

In addition, we can move to many different locations throughout Quebec and the National Capital. Therefore, we accept all moves even those of the largest and heavier items. We just need to know the details in advance, and will be happy to evaluate the move if necessary (for time, buildings, stairs, big and heavy objects, etc.). We want to make sure that we have all the necessary equipment to prevent any damage and injury.

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