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A move to Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Beloeil realized by movers of experience on the South Shore. We offer first class service for residential and commercial removals, pianos and pool table at Mont-Saint-Hilaire and surroundings, pool table and safe.

Long-distance transportation and moving service from Mont-Saint-Hilaire to Quebec City or Rimouski, Rivière-de-Loup, moving from Mont-Saint-Hilaire to Saguenay or New Brunswick, transportation service between Belœil and Chicoutimi, Gatineau or Ottawa, service between Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Toronto, Halifax, Gaspésie, moving from Beloeil to Trois-Rivières or Sherbrooke, etc.

How to use used boxes and plastic bags to move

Moving is an expensive affair, so it's only natural that you continue to look for ways to save money when you move. A proven way to reduce your packaging costs is to use plastic bags. As you will see in this article, Garbage Bags are more useful and practical than you ever imagined.In fact, plastic bags have many uses during a move, and this alone turns them into a powerful tool to have in your struggle to reduce moving costs. Just follow these tips to use plastic bags to pack and move to save you time, money and energy during your move.

What kind of plastic bags should you use?

The good news is that you can buy plastic bags from any convenience store and they are really inexpensive. The bad news is that you will not use these plastic bags to collect and dispose of your regular garbage - you will use plastic bags to pack and move some of your items, so here are some things to consider:

ALWAYS use perfectly clean plastic bags to pack and transport your belongings - new plastic bags that have never been used before.The plastic bags are perfect for packing goods: Cheap clothes and shoes with flat and soft heels, sheets, tablecloths, blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, socks or even soft toys.

What NOT to pack in plastic bags:

Thus, plastic bags are NOT suitable for packing breakable and / or valuable articles or sharp objects therein. In addition, do not use plastic bags to pack books because the books are heavy and may be better placed in boxes. Keep in mind that using plastic bags to move clothes only works with ordinary, inexpensive clothing that would not bother you to wrinkle during the move.

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