The different types of transport pallets

Pallets are necessary accessories for handling. Whether you choose to store or even store your belongings and goods in Montreal, you will surely need it. Therefore, choose the right pallets according to the type of transport, storage or delivery.

The different types of pallets   Types of pallets


What are the different types of pallets

Before choosing a palette, several criteria must be considered. In fact, these criteria vary according to specific conditions such as:

  • The delivery process
  • The nature of the product or merchandise
  • The weight
  • Weather protection

You can also seek advice from a company that specializes in transporting pallets. In this way, it will be easier for you to choose between the different palettes offered.

The wooden pallet

For heavy or semi-heavy objects, wooden pallets are ideal. They differ greatly in terms of:

  • Their resistance and robustness: these pallets can withstand static loads of up to 2500 kg. In addition, they are also easy to repair and are considered waste-free.
  • Their easy rotation
  • Their adaptability to all kinds of goods and loads

There are different types of wooden pallets known as:

  • One-way pallets that are light and economical. But the downside is that they are not reusable;
  • European pallets are approved and also marked EPAL. With these 4 entrances, they are suitable for storing and exporting heavy objects. Its compliance with ISPM15 and AQF 335 standards allows the food and pharmaceutical industries to use them.

plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are typically used in logistics centers and warehouses. They have the following advantages:

  • Perfect lightness
  • Easy handling: no nails, thorns or sharp corners
  • More accessible load transfer
  • Ease during export

cardboard pallets

Cardboard pallets are very popular in urban areas and have many advantages:

  • They can be recycled like cardboard
  • They are also robust and support loads of 500 kg.
  • Very light and easy to handle, the cost of transport is therefore economical
  • Provide optimal security. Unlike wood, there are no chips or nails.

The practical cardboard box is recyclable and biodegradable. In addition, it does not require any special treatment and is ideal for export and transport in urban areas. The pallet can also be decorated with small plastic touches and then becomes an ideal storage medium because the pallet can be easily assembled according to space requirements.

How to choose the type of pallets according to your desires

Regardless of its size and material of construction, pallets must be able to support multiple packages on the same rack. This solution not only optimizes warehouse space, but also protects the goods during transport. Several standard formats for pallets already exist. But they can also be custom-made for particular objects. Do not hesitate  to contact us for advice  on the transport of pallets.