Where should you store all your items before your move?

Are you looking for a solution to secure your items in Montreal? There are various alternatives to protect your belongings by placing them in a secure place. Whether mobile storage, self-storage or furniture storage. Here is a comparison of the different storage solutions to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Store your items - before moving

Storage before moving


Furniture storage: to offer entrusted management

The principle of the classic storage unit is also based on the rental of the box in order to store the objects you choose. However, unlike self-storage, the protection and protection of objects is entrusted to the professional who has rented the box. The cost of this protection is included in the rental price. The storage of furniture is shared among others by the lessor. In particular, it can prevent the appearance of mold or fungus, which can affect the condition of your items. In addition, these boxes are installed in warehouses to protect them from various risks, such as bad weather and fire. The box rented by the storage unit can be considered as an attic The management of the attic is guaranteed by professionals while belonging to you. If you suffer any loss or damage, you assume the contractual liability of the service provider.

Self-storage: an independent choice

Self storage is based on a simple principle which is the management of all media. You must take care of packing the items, carrying them yourself, and then putting them in the storage box or warehouse provided by the storage company. Again, only you will have the key to your own storage space. So you can freely manage your inventory 24 hours a day, mostly 7 days a week. The storage box is equipped with a security system, but the security system can always be improved. In particular, we use a CCTV camera, a padlock with a password or a key. The principle of self-storage is often seen as an extension of your home: like an extra room.

Mobile storage: a comfortable choice

Mobile storage allows you to transport the boxes directly to your home. This makes it a comfortable method. It is based on a rental contract with a moving company or a storage center. Indeed, once the contract is signed, the service provider will send a storage box directly to your home. Then you can choose to store it in the garden, garage or any other place so that you can store your items in the box. The company can provide you with professionals to help you manage heavy and fragile cargo. Once everything is installed in the box, only you will have the key.

In Montreal, many companies have storage boxes to help their customers store their items before moving. This is why,  with our company, you will largely benefit from various advantages because our storage places are very modern and increasingly secure.