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Your move at Saint-Basile-le-Grand in all serenity for all kinds of move: in home or condo, piano or safe in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, pool table or furniture assembly.We also take care of everything from A to Z of your long distance move from Saint-Basile-le-Grand to Quebec City or Chicoutimi, Saguenay and Montreal, moving service from Saint-Basile-le-Grand to Trois- Rivers or Rimouski. Moving from Saint-Basile-le-Grand to Gatineau or Ottawa, small or large move between Longueuil and Toronto or Kingston, moving to New Brunswick, Halifax, Baie-Comeau or Sept-Îles, Gaspésie, etc.

From the administrative task to the professional mover: we reveal everything!

Certainly, moving for a long distance requires real preparation beforehand, but do not worry. A good organizationwill do the trick.Administrative procedures are essential. They must start well beforehand. You must inform the owner or the trustee of your departure and set a date for the inventory. You must transfer your bank account, change your car insurance, terminate your subscriptions on the phone, a magazine or a specific newspaper, inform the services concerned for water and electricity meter checks, send back your mail in the mail.

Inform your bank, the family allowance fund, the savings bank, the health insurance fund, the pension fund, the credit institutions and your employer. They must all know your new address.Now that all administrative commitment is made, there is time to choose the right company to transport your furniture. It must be registered both in the register of commerce and companies and in the register of road hauliers of goods. Subsequently, the service provider must establish a visit to the home where the furniture will be loaded to ensure the seriousness and reliability of the selected company. The service provider must measure the cubic size of the furniture, identify the furniture that requires specific equipment or special attention (objects of art ...).

He must put his hands on the difficulties of disassembly and reassembly (a piano, a safe ...). He must also be informed of the difficulties of access (elevator, stairs, slopes, ...), restrictions of use, prolonged parking permits in the old and the new housing. As for the price of the move, drawing up the quote is a determining step.It must be established after the visit of the service provider, remember that it is free. Do not accept quotes sent directly following your request or via the internet and without the provider visiting you. You risk an undervaluation of the cubage of your furniture and therefore an extra billing.

After, comes the step of declaring the value of the furniture. It allows to determine the total amount of the furniture. From now on, the mover is contractually responsible for your items throughout the entire period of the move until they are deposited in the new home.

It is possible to use two or three companies and compare their quotes, but do not expect a big difference in price, because everything depends on the volume of your furniture and the provision of labour.

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