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Moving your house or cottage, piano or pool table to Shefford or Warerloo requires the involvement of a professional. So, ask yourself: can you and your friends be meticulous enough? The main reason for hiring a moving company is to save time and effort on your part. So, if you move locally, you should also assess how much time you have to move. If you are in a hurry, professionals might make more sense.

A team of five movers can do the job in a fraction of the time it would take you. Of course, if you want to oversee the process, it can take a few hours. A move that could require two hours with a professional moving company could easily take all day for non-professionals. Therefore, you will have to consider that. It can be stressful to see strangers manipulate your items, but you can talk to your movers beforehand. By taking five minutes before the move to tell the company your priorities and concerns, you will save time later if you do not have to travel.

However, if you ever have a full day or ideally a full weekend to get around, then that is another thing, you can save money and ask for help from your friends. Of course, there will be discussions on how to load the truck and your friends will probably take several breaks to complain, but in the end, it could even be fun. One thing you might not consider in your decision is that moving, packing and storage companies also provide expertise.

Do you have questions about what to pack and what to leave behind? Or the most efficient way to pack your boxes?

Company representatives can answer your questions and packers and movers will know how to do their jobs.In the end, it will depend on your personal situation, be it a move by yourself or calling on profesionnals. Part of your process should include company calls and quotes, even if you have not decided yet. Sometimes, the way a company treats you over the phone can help you make a decision, and you might be pleasantly surprised to learn what moving rates might be.

Many professionals are ready to help you load a rental truck for a nominal fee. Remember, gather all the information before making your decision, and everything will be fine.

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