Moving to Candiac

Moving to a new location can be a pretty daunting task and moving to Candiac is no different. We have to pack, transport, unload, arrange the furniture and unpack. That’s why it’s essential to have a moving company on your side to make the process easier.

A Candiac moving company will take care of all the moving related concerns that arise when moving into a new home. She plays a crucial role in reducing stress by taking responsibility for packing all items safely, loading them into her transport vehicle, moving them to their destination and finally unloading and storing them properly so that they don’t require much effort once on the premises.

Hiring a reliable moving company like Cargo Moving in Candiac can take this difficult task off your hands with ease.

Top 5 benefits of using our professional moving company

  • Our moving company has the manpower and equipment to move your belongings and bulky items quickly.
  • We are experts in packing and transporting your goods safely.
  • We are insured in case of accident or damage to your property.
  • Our movers can help you get organized before the move by packing your belongings efficiently if you opt for a turnkey move in Candiac.
  • We know how to get through crowded streets and avoid traffic jams.

At our Candiac moving company, customers can count on our trusted moving services that have made moving a breeze since we opened. From residential moving in Candiac to commercial moving, to transporting special items such as pianos, pool tables and bulky items, no moving job is too difficult for us.

We even offer furniture assembly and long distance moving in Candiac, so you can worry less about transporting all your belongings from one place to another. That’s why we are the preferred moving company on the South Shore of Montreal; for those who need fast and hassle-free moving assistance!

Residential moving of houses or apartments

Whether you need a local delivery of small furniture items or a large-scale residential move in Candiac or over long distances, our clean trucks are here to help make the process simple and straightforward.

Trust us to take away all the hassle of residential moving in Candiac with our fleet of state-of-the-art vans and trucks available for residential moving. Contact us today and find out how we can make your Candiac move fast and easy!

Relocation of small businesses or relocation of large companies

A commercial move in Candiac, whether for a small business or a large corporation, can be complex and time consuming. Professional commercial movers are an invaluable resource for easing the burden and making the entire process run smoothly and efficiently.

Our expertise is essential when it comes to commercial moves involving special equipment and tight deadlines. Our commercial movers in Candiac will review all aspects of the move, including insurance, equipment needs, and rates, whether hourly or flat rate.

Moving of upright piano, grand piano and organ Candiac

moving Candiac

Uprights and grand pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1,200 pounds and must be moved with care. Not to mention that they have moving parts, such as pedals, that must be transported safely. It is always best to hire an experienced Candiac moving company that will know how to properly handle, protect and transport your instrument.

It is important to remember that moving a Candiac piano can be very dangerous; if not done properly, it can result in damage to the instrument and even serious injury. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make sure that you use qualified professionals, such as Déménagement Cargo in Candiac, who will guarantee the safe transportation of your grand piano, upright or organ.

Transport of heavy, bulky and cumbersome objects

When it comes to moving heavy, bulky and cumbersome items in Candiac, such as: safes, fireproof cabinets, wood stoves, refrigerated display cases, wine cellars, treadmills, and photocopiers, it is essential to have a reputable moving company you can trust.

Our Candiac movers specialize in moving these types of items and provide a safe and efficient service, no matter how complex the task. Whether it’s ramps, balconies or curved stairs, our movers are experienced professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to facilitate these moves with care.

We understand how valuable these heavy items and odd shapes are, so we take extra precautions to ensure they are transported easily and safely.

Transportation and installation of pool tables

To move a pool table in Candiac – you need the right equipment and there is always the fear of damaging one of the parts. Fortunately, we are here to help you!

We can take care of moving your Candiac pool table, whether it is in the same house or in a new one. Whether you prefer to take it apart or get help with assembly and upgrading, our experienced team is ready to provide you with their professional services.

If necessary, we can even change your carpet to an updated surface – so don’t worry about that!

Long distance moving to/from Candiac

Moving from Candiac to different locations in Quebec, such as Quebec City and Trois-Rivières, or moving from Candiac to Sherbrooke or Victoriaville, can be daunting. But with our Candiac moving services, your relocation is easier than ever!

We guarantee a transparent moving quote when you fill out our online form or contact us by phone.

Our long distance moving services do not stop there: we ensure the delivery and the transport between Rimouski and Candiac, Baie-Comeau, Shawinigan. We also specialize in piano delivery between Saguenay and Candiac, Sept-Îles as well as in secure transportation between Toronto, Gatineau or Halifax and Val-D’or.

Prices for long distance moving in Candiac
Destination Starting rate Distance
Moving price from Candiac to Magog 550 $ 130km
Moving price from Candiac to Mont-Tremblant 550 $ 130km
Price of moving from Candiac to Trois- Rivières 600 $ 135km
Price of moving from Candiac to Victoriaville 750 $ 170km
Moving price from Candiac to Sherbrooke 750 $ 160km
Moving price from Candiac to Gatineau 750 $ 190km
Moving price from Candiac to Ottawa 800 $ 210km
Moving price from Candiac to Quebec City 850 $ 250km
Moving price from Candiac to Chicoutimi 1000 $ 460km
Moving price from Candiac to Saguenay 1000 $ 475km
Price of moving from Candiac to Val D’Or 1200 $ 510km
Moving price from Candiac to Rimouski 1100 $ 550km
Moving price from Candiac to Toronto 1100 $ 550km
Candiac Abitibi Moving Prices 1200 $ 600km
Moving price from Candiac to Rouyn-Noranda 1500 $ 620km
Moving price from Candiac to Baie-Comeau 1700 $ 680km
Moving price from Candiac to Fredericton 2000 $ 850km
Moving price from Candiac to Sept-Îles 2000 $ 900km
Moving price from Candiac to Gaspé 2000 $ 950km
Price of moving from Candiac to Moncton 2300 $ 1000km
Moving price from Candiac to Halifax 2500- $ 1150km

Moving prices Candiac

moving Candiac

Our Candiac moving company offers competitive hourly rates for both residential and commercial moves – perfectly suited for small and large projects. Whether you’re moving your most prized family heirlooms or need to move an entire office building, we have the moving services that best suit your needs.

We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices in Candiac without sacrificing quality.

We make it easy for you with our flat rate services for small moves, deliveries, piano and pool table transport, or even long distance moves – all without breaking the bank!

Transportation and specialized moving in Candiac
Item to be moved Starting price
Approximate price for moving an upright or grand piano in Candiac 350 $
Approximate price for wood stove removal Candiac 350 $
Approximate price for organ moving in Candiac 420 $
Approximate price for moving a photocopier in Candiac 300 $
Approximate price for safe removal Candiac 350 $
Approximate price for moving a pool table in Candiac 400 $
Approximate price for treadmill moving in Candiac 300 $
Approximate price for moving an electric bed in Candiac 280 $
Approximate price for moving items +300lb Candiac + 280$
Approximate price for moving various works of art in Candiac + 280$

How to choose a reliable mover in Candiac?

Be aware that moonlighting is especially prevalent in the moving market.

  1. It is therefore necessary to find out about the company you choose from people you know or from witnesses who have already tested their services.
  2. Once you are sure that it is a “real” moving company, which enjoys a good reputation and is known for its good quality of work, contact it.
  3. Then, choose the period that suits you and ask for a visit of the place. Don’t forget to ask for a precise evaluation of the move and the price, demanding a detailed estimate to avoid a surprise on the big day.
  4. Once you have chosen your mover, read the moving contract carefully (it should include the delivery date of the goods, the tasks to be performed, and any other information you deem relevant). Be sure to read the fine print of the proposed contract. Beware, there are some who add extra fees charged for unnecessary extras.
  5. Also make sure that the insurance contract exists. This will allow you to protect yourself in case of breakage and/or loss of your belongings while on the road.

We are grateful that so many people have put their trust in Déménagement Cargo Transport Inc. and that we have become one of the best moving companies not only in Candiac, on the North and South Shores, Montreal but also in the whole country.

All our moving teams guarantee fast, efficient and safe moving services by experienced professionals. Choose us with confidence – you won’t regret it!