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Sainte-Catherine and St-Constant Movers

Moving to Sainte-Catherine, service provided by professional movers at competitive prices. Trust our company for a house or piano move in Ste-Catherine, flat or pool table for short or long distances. Our movers will take care of everything with the greatest pleasure. We will be happy to take care of your move from Sainte-Catherine to Quebec, Sainte-Catherine to Saguenay or from Sainte-Catherine to Rimouski, as we offer transportation between Ottawa and Montreal or Toronto, Halifax, Gaspésie, moving from Sainte-Catherine to Sherbrooke or Magog, Trois-Rivières and Saint-Constant, Val D'or, etc. Trusting Moving Cargo is the best decision you could take to make your move perfect.

Do you prefer to move alone or pay a moving company?

The main reason people have to move alone is the cost. Companies charge a flat rate or by the hour, but you do not charge anything. However, take the time to do some quick calculations first.If you ever have to go on a weekday, take into account the lost wages you would miss during the whole day. You can always bribe your friends to help by buying pizzas and burgers for everyone, but that can be added.

In fact, you may find that "hiring" your friends is not much cheaper than hiring an experienced stranger. Finally, be honest and make an inventory of your furniture. It's easy to get hurt by moving and most people do not consider the risks they are taking. If you have had back, knee or other joint problems, it may be cheaper to sit down. Medical care is expensive and the costs are entirely avoidable. The second reason most people choose to move on their is because they want to keep track of their valuables. It can be difficult to trust a group of strangers: you certainly do not want anything get broken or stolen. In fact, most companies will train their movers on the proper packaging, so they probably know more than you about fragile items. It's easy however to do a background check on any moving company, which you should do anyway.

Nevertheless, if you are concerned about theft or clumsy moves, check the reviews online and see if you can contact some old customers. Any successful moving company will need to have an unblemished folder. However, the distance can be a handicap for you and your friends because the longer the move, the more difficult it becomes, so we always recommend professionals in this case, for long distance trips

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