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Moving around Côte Saint-Luc - our expert movers are ready to put in the effort needed for your move in Côte Saint-Luc. Moving of upright or grand piano in Montreal.


You are planning a move to Côte Saint-Luc city and you think this event is not that important because you can gradually transport your furniture yourself? Actually, it is not that simple. You might think you are saving money, but you are thinking about all but yourself, your health, lost time and of course damaged furniture. It is generally not recommended for people without great physical fitness and experience to execute such a process! To protect yourself, there are special services, like ours Moving Cargo-Cheap Moving Services to Côte Saint-Luc City.

All that is required of you is to trust us as the rest will be done by our professional movers in Côte Saint-Luc city! Our team - includes the most experienced movers, who will be able to perfectly execute your moving process.

Many of you, when the time comes to move, often ask yourself: how do I move cheap? With a company or with friends? On this subject, there are several arguments that will convince you to call on a moving company. We advise you to hire a company, but if you decide to make the move yourself here are some tips to consider before you move:

Rent a Truck

In case you are ready to not only move furniture, but also to drive a truck across the country, renting a truck from a truck rental company is a cost saving solution. It is a solution that has advantages, as well as disadvantages.

Have your company pay for the move

If you are moving to another city because of your new job, you can check with the Human Resources Department if some of the expenses of your move can be paid by the company. Many companies will pay for all or part of the move so, it is definitely worth asking the Human Resources Department. You just have to keep receipts with all the expenses generated from your move.

Implicate friends and family

This is usually the best and cheapest option because you do it with friends, family and neighbors. However, be careful ... more than once, customers have called us to execute an emergency move because friends did not show up for various reasons. In such cases, the customer is forced to pay for the move at a more expensive price because he calls last minute.

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