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Moving from Montreal to Granby

Moving service from Montreal to Granby - Moving Cargo is a moving company that helps people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. We offer all inclusive services like loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, arranging of items to be shifte Additional services may include clearing services for houses or for relocations like office furniture or building packing or warehousing facilities. Moving Cargo Ltd is an operated company with many years of international experience in local and international Cargo Forwarding, procurement and moving shipment.


We believe ourselves to be the best provider in Cargo Forwarding and Moving services in Canada, our efficiency, productivity and speed of execution is our major policy. We are highly trained, motivated and committed to the highest standard of excellence in everything we do while delivering profitable business growth.

"We always value our Customers and their interest"

Moving companies are normally required when there is a need to relocate to a different country, city, or street and a large quantity of goods have to be transported accordingly. Typically, our MovingCargo company will lend its services to people or businesses who are planning the big move and don't have the means to handle the task on their own. If the relocation is domestic, our company will employ special vans, but when a greater distance is at stake special containerized vans or shopping containers will go into use.

Whether one is planning a domestic or international move , you can always get a cheap rate here at Moving Cargo Ltd. No more picking of rookie! It is always safer when you are dealing with an experienced forwarder, we always ensure you remain as protected as possible from calamities of any sort while you are on your way to a new dwelling. Remember, you are trusting Cargo moving company to transport your most valuable assets and we promise you a safe and satisfactory delivery because our Moving Company holds a Registered Standard Mover Certification.

Costs is never the issue as we provide the best moving and forwarding services at affordable rates. Our Company prices vary greatly depending on the destination. Costs for very long destinations are proportional to weight and cubic measurement of the goods packed for shipment. For instance moving rate for a piano or billiard is different from moving ba table or office furniture. If in addition to moving services, packing or storing services are also involved, then the costs are bound to be different.

The payment for our moving storage services are negotiable for you conveniency so feel free to contact us.

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