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Are you still looking for the best moving company in Laval-des-Rapides? No need to search further, welcome to the website of Moving Cargo, one of the most sought-after moving companies in Laval-des-Rapides. Our company offers the best transport services and moving at competitive prices among other things and the moving service piano and pool table, safe and furniture assembly service in Laval. We offer Long Distance moving service for your residential, commercial and industrial moving at the lowest price among Laval moving companies. Here are the directions that we serve them most often: high-quality moving from Laval to Toronto or Ottawa, transportation between Gaspésie and Montreal or Mississauga, small or big move from Laval to Saguenay or Rimouski, Gatineau or Chicoutimi, moving Laval-Québec, transportation between Sherbrooke and Granby, Magog or Drummondville, etc.

Opt for the 'economic' moving formula

The best chapter in this story would be to organize your move at a low price and carry it out at the lowest cost and spend the least possible. This will not be achieved only by choosing the least expensive moving agency or the cheapest house, but also choosing the best period. Indeed, in going for the best option, you take the decision unconsciously and instantly to save your money. That is, instead of spending a lot, you'd better choose the period that will not help you save money. In other words, movers tend to apply extra costs during peak periods, so it's best to favor the dates when there are the least demands when you decide to spend your budget for the move!

During the less crowded periods, you will be entitled to a 20% decrease of up to 25% in costs, according to the real estate advisors, and this, on almost all expenses related to the move. These include transportation costs, or those related to packing or unpacking your stuff, or even the costs of the services that moving agencies offer you.

In search of the best moment

You tend to believe that the perfect time for a move is the summer period. We will not say that you are wrong, because it depends on your family situation. Summer is far from the right season for your move, except when your family is responsible for children. That is to say that the move would be better in this period to avoid the school curriculum of your offspring being disrupted by the lack of stability in your home, especially when it is an exam class. However, there is also a solution to avoid the clutter of this period, it is obviously school holidays, excluding summer holidays. Indeed, whether we are talking about winter holidays in February, Easter holidays, Toussaint or other, the move will be more adequate in terms of stress limit; you can organize well in advance.

And speaking of these services, the movers will give you, in addition to the good value for money, a flexibility in terms of the services they will present to you, insofar as they will put at your disposal grids of formulas from which you can chose according to the price and the services that suit you!

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