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Montreal Piano Moving Service -the packaging of a move must be of good quality. That said, crates for heavy, expensive and frequently useful objects should ensure a move. In order to better satisfy the segment of the institutional and cultural clientele, the specialists of the move offer to the artists or to the amateurs of the art of the music the guarantee of keeping their instruments in perfect state. How?

For pianos, specialist movers are equipped with protective covers to cushion the likely friction against off-center frames and walls. Precisely, it is not enough just to lift a piano and load it and then transport it, it also requires global protection and suitable equipment to ensure that they are not damaged. But well before, the professional consultation is indispensable and very efficient.

Through the operation, the remover indicates the weight, measure the size and the value of the musical instrument. All are criteria to consider when moving. Regardless of the type of piano, the instrument is not only expensive but there is also the possibility that it is effectively valuable. In any case, the client art lover will not want to see damaged his instrument-mechanical and varnish confused.We also need covers, bags, plastics, blankets, among others. Indeed, it requires a great precision in the accomplishment of the technical gestures. To do this, the moving specialists have modern and specialized vehicles. Their professionalism is manifested in the professional consultation that they normally offer before starting the service. This makes it possible to quantify and qualify furniture. The mover lists these and measures them. He specifies with the customer the material value of the goods and perceives an idea on the surface of the rooms, the possible existence of an elevator or not, the state of the stairs.

In a nutshell, he is going ahead in order to gain in terms of time and efficiency. He tries to become familiar with the unexpected, anticipates the unexpected and anticipates the uncertain to escape the disturbing situations of panic!

Also, it's as unpleasant to have damaged walls. This is why the carrier will use protections for the bench and pedal, straps, a sliding tool, sled, and may also mobilize a lift if the situation presumes necessary. As an indication, to facilitate the movement of the piano, parts can and must be peeled. The client, being inexperienced, will lose a tremendous amount of time to do so and runs an immense risk of causing damage.

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