How to move a heavy safe

All the advantages of a specialized move

Manual transport of a safe can sometimes be a daunting task because the weight is the most important parameter to consider. If it is not legible or accessible, specialists have a complete database that allows knowing the weight of the safe from its serial number.

The weight of the trunk does not only depend on the dimensions but also on the shielding system, because the higher the trunk shields, the heavier the trunk! Only specialists have a panel of specific tools to overcome this difficulty.

The team has a panel of specific tools to overcome this difficulty:

1. A furniture elevator.

2. An elevator.

3. A mini craine.

4. A 4X4 equipped with a powerful winch for extractions in the basement.

Moving? Yes, but do not neglect the health aspect! Indeed, the high weight of a safe can cause significant physical damage to the back and spine. So it is better to use professionals equipped for this type of transport. Watch out for the demolition!!

When moving a safe, the risk of damaging the floor or walls is important. The team makes a point of protecting all the parts that could be damaged. For this, they have for this purpose, a panel of protection. In case the safe is built-in or difficult to access, the team consists of extraction and lifting equipment that allows it to handle all cases of removal and installation of safe without exception.

We talked about security, now let's talk about discretion:

As we all know, moving a safe will certainly not go unnoticed by passers-by, neighbors and potential thieves. Interventions are fast and as far as possible, the chests are hidden under blankets.

Now, let's talk fast!

All these maneuvers are done in a "record" time, compared to the difficulty of the action; usually in 24h. All movers are carefully trained in transportation methods and work as a team to ensure you work efficiently and quickly.

Finally, let's move to the confidential side of the action:

• The experts keep the professional secret.

• They use the secure protocol for sending and receiving emails.

• All data is encrypted and destroyed within the legal timeframe

• The staff alone, sign a confidentiality clause when hired.

To sum it all up, a specialized move is equal to:

Discretion, security, speed, and confidentiality! Simple and efficient! So what are you waiting for? Make use of the professional service of specialized moving!

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