The innovative dental chair

The innovative dental chair –moving and storage service in Montreal

In a few years, we will say goodbye to loud and unpleasant instruments! Everything will be simpler and more pleasant even for the timidest of us. The patient will sit in the waiting room in a chair, equipped with a tablet, which will allow him to view the operation, the care, learn more about the causes and many other things.

Then, he can move towards the chair that contains the facial scanner to visualize all the bone and anatomical structures in every detail. This will allow us to have a more accurate and fast diagnosis.

No more hours or days of waiting, in 10 or 15 years, the crowns and implants will be given to patients in the next few minutes thanks to the 3D printer. To make the impression of a tooth, for example, it will suffice for the patient to sit on the special chair, equipped with a digital camera equipped with the function of optical tint taken that takes pictures accurately on the nuances of the teeth.

From wheelchair to smart chair!

In fact, the dental chair has not finished surprising us!

The chair is adjustable by the dentist according to two criteria:

The patient’s morphology and the mouth area.

The dentist takes into account: the height of the seat, its inclination and the height of the headrest (this is the small cover that protects the back of the chair at the location of the head).

The dental chair contains mainly four instruments:

1- The turbine is the instrument that allows milling a tooth quickly.

2- The contra angle, this tool is used to dig and remove cavities.

3- The blowgun, which as the name suggests, blows air to a precise area of the patient's mouth.

4- Ultrasound, which is used to remove tartar from the patient's teeth.

The characteristics of a good dental chair:

Despite their similar appearances, dental chairs are very different. Here are some features to distinguish the right dental chair.

Let's start with the backrest, the element that guarantees comfort to the patient, it can be wide as it can be narrow. The operator's seat is a very important element that must be chosen with precision, according to the morphology of the dentist and in order to facilitate his work.

For the instruments usually, each unit contains between 5 and 8 instruments. For the type of unit, there are three types of units: whisks, hanging cord, and cart Select-R.

Whip units are more practical because they allow the dentist to work without leaving the field of view. The lighting of the unit also plays a big role; we distinguish between halogen and led lighting.

The pedal that is equal to the central unit of a computer. So far, we've talked about the past and present of this chair, now let's be crazy and go further! Let's talk about the future that this dental chair holds for us.

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