• Use proper equipment. Avoid used boxes. Sometimes, the box will not be strong enough to keep your property safe.
  • Mark the boxes that are fragile and indicate on each box room destination.
  • For mattresses, we sell plastic bags of any size (Simple, Double, Queen, King). Be sure to order yours for your move (4-6 only $).
  • Pack all electronic equipment. If you have kept their original boxes, use them to make sure that they will arrive in complete safety. Clean your stove, fridge, washer, dryer before moving.
  • Start to pack the items with less importance as those you will not need immediate access. Think about those you need on arrival at your new address. A box for toiletries, toys to keep the kids occupied and extra clothing.
  • Empty the drawers of your furniture. Drawers can s & rsquo; open during the move and content could break.
  • Avoid putting heavy contained in garbage bags. Use them to put the tell lightweight content: clothes, pillows, covers, etc.
  • Dismantle all the furniture are bulky, fragile that does not pass through the door. Keep the all screws in a bag.
  • Make sure you defrost the refrigerator and leave the door ajar.


  • Reserve a parking space as close as possible moving van to your accommodation. The park will ensure a good move easier, more efficient and less expensive.


  • If your building is equipped with an elevator, do not forget to ask for the administration of the book you the elevator for the duration of the move. Like this, you will save monies and to avoid fines imposed by the building administration for an unexpected move.


  • Feel free to participate in the proceedings of your move, your advice may be required during the packing your bulky items or their disassembly / assembly and marking.
  • Recheck, with the driver, the destination address and telephone number.
  • Browse your home one last time to see if anything has not been forgotten.
  • Check that all windows and doors are closed and the switches are off.
  • Your presence is required on moving day as loading upon delivery. However, you can assign someone to represent you in case of unavailability. Entrust to friends or family your young children and your pets, moving day is sometimes stressful.
  • Check the condition of furniture before departure mover and before signing the bill.
  • At the delivery, you specify the movers the location of each piece of furniture.