Get fixed prices?
We offer fixed prices for pianos removals and deliveries of some furniture, because we know how long it can take. We do not provide fixed prices for apartment removals, homes, offices, etc. Each move is individual and the requirements of each customer, are different. The price of moving depends on the volume to move, the volume of the objects, parking, floor, Presence or absence of elevator, etc. The work is calculated on an hourly basis and the price / time will be provided in advance, that will keep them hidden charges.

Are there a minimum number of hours when you charge?

We charge a minimum two hours of work + an additional transportation time, So three hours.

How to estimate the time and costs for your move?
It’s difficult to answer the questions of the time and cost of your move. The total cost may be variable from one client to another. Generally, we calculate +/- 1h – 1h30 per piece for packaging, charger, unload large furniture to the new address. But obviously, the formula does not work if you only have a piece of furniture in a room or for example if you move a 3 1/2 a second floor to the third floor without lifts or moving with a total of 20 No boxes & rsquo; is not the same that & rsquo; moving with 100 cans.

What the hour of travel and why, we take care?
We automatically charge one hour of travel to all moves to Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard, etc. The additional travel time is used to cover the time and expenses of the company to reach your starting address and return your final address to our home address.

How far in advance should you book a moving?
If you move a date or a day in high demand, such as : a Saturday or Sunday of the month, last dates of the month, last 10 days of June and of course the 1 July, we recommend to book well in advance.