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The new requirements of the modern world, of course both professionally and personally, often require a change of residence from one city to another. But sometimes you have to store your stuff for a short or long period. The smooth progress of the move is therefore an essential step when transporting all the furniture and belongings of the home. The Cargo Moving warehouses have all the necessary resources to store furniture and other personal belongings of its customers. We put at your disposal safe Montreal storage facilities monitored by video camera 24/7.

You consider changing your apartment or house, but you have not yet found your next building? No problem! You can store your goods in our warehouses in Montreal. Our company has specialized staff and state-of-the-art technical resources to carry out this task. Thus, this work that seems a problem, can actually be resolved quickly and efficiently through the services of our company. During our missions, we protect both objects and people.

We take responsibility for the transportation of your goods and the well-being of our employees by putting in place a safe and practical work environment. Our team is made up of real experts in the move. The expertise of our employees guarantees a move in the best conditions. Thus, our competence is confirmed by the trust of our customers and the continuous training of our employees.

Different sizes are available and your storage in Montreal can be done on short or long terms. This service is available to clients who use our services for their move, but also to all others.

Your belongings will be protected by blankets and necessary equipment to avoid it wearing off and unpleasant surprises. You will get your furniture exactly as you left it. Always clean and of course in good condition.

!!! 5% Discount for our clients !!!

We offer a 5% discount for your next move (from the warehouse to the new address) to customers who store their furniture with us.
Choose the locker format that perfectly fits your needs:

  • 5x10ft - Furnishing of an apartment 1 ½, - 2 ½
  • 10x10pi- Furnishing of an apartment 3 ½ - 4 ½,
  • 10x15ft - Furnishing of an apartment 4 ½ - 5 ½
  • 10x20pi - Furnishing of an apartment 5 ½ - 6 ½
  • 10x30ft - Furnishing of a house 6½ - 7 ½

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