Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa Long-Distance Moving

Call Cargo Long-distance Moving  for your small ou big project from Montreal to Toronto or Ottawa ,assembly furniture service, upright or grand piano moving, transport or moving pool-table, transport for your safe, as well as storage to meet all your needs!  For commercial and residential company and movers who are professional and well priced, but who also offer delivery service to transport skids, call us and we will gladly offer you a quote!

This is the one company that specialises in moving especially difficult objects that are normally refused by other moving companies.  It includes, but is not limited to, all types of piano (including synthesizers), a large and heavy safe, your precious pool table, and other pieces of furniture that other movers consider to big or feel they cannot lift and carry due to its weight.

Along with this, we also offer the convenience of a storage facility.  This is good for those who cannot, for any reason, do the entire move all at once – perhaps because of work, or the date you need to move out is not the best for you.  At times, being able to store your goods for a few days is what you need to make the move run smoothly.

The same thing applies to a business that needs to change location – our business can store your items, especially if your company is the weekday-only sort, so that the employees don’t have to come in and work during the weekend for a transfer.  Also, some businesses own equipment that could be difficult for untrained movers, but our professionals can adapt to almost anything (with just a few rare exceptions).  We are the moving specialists you can rely on to evaluate both locations – the one you are leaving as well as the one you are transferring to – in order to ensure all needed material is on hand for the day of the move itself.

In both cases, remember that we provide cardboard boxes to pack your goods and your personal items (which are strongly recommended over plastic storage containers) and some other necessary items, for a small fee.  Therefore, we take care of you and all your moving needs!