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Is your business expanding and moving to larger offices? Do you need our commercial moving services? We offer a full range of moving services for businesses: moving offices, magazines, bars, schools, daycares, etc. Our team will advise you and carry out this task rapidly and respecting the peculiar characteristics of your goods and your equipment. A well-organized move will have a minor impact on your business. Request a complete assessment for moving your offices. This evaluation will include: a list of entrances, the number of rooms, equipment to be moved, furniture to dismantle and reassemble, the number of boxes, etc.


Cargo is an expert in transportation but also in the moving of offices. Good preparation is essential to the success of an office move. Effective transfer planning, including analysis of your needs, resources and the actions needed to respond to them, allows you to benefit from greater flexibility for an efficient transfer. Company moves often involve having to move large amounts of material that may be fragile, heavy, bulky and valuable. At Cargo Rive-Sud, we bring you the best service and the proper support to ensure that the move of your premises will run smoothly. Our equipment to move the heavy or precious furniture and the know-how of our teams assure you a quality move so as not to harm your activity during this stage. Once the needs have been analyzed, we put in place an operational plan, including costs, deadlines and any special services required. Our qualified staff will pack and unpack all your belongings. If, however, you wish to do the packing yourself, we will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your commercial move. The packaging material is really easy to use, so you can even prepare a part of your move.

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To avoid any bad surprises, try to plan your commercial move ahead of time! By doing so, you will enjoy the comfort of all your office furniture installed, in excellent condition, in your new place of work after your move. And one last moment ... do not forget to inform your customers of your move!

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Indeed, it would be better to inform them by sending them the information by mail / e-mail, or put the news on your official website. Contact us now for a telephone evaluation of your commercial move at low cost.

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