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Piano moving Montreal - if you are looking for the most reputable piano moving company in Montreal, get the price and our advice.

Best value for money on the island of Montreal, North Shore, South Shore.

We offer a full range of moving services for businesses: moving offices, magazines, bars, schools, daycares, etc. Our professional movers take care of the transport of your upright or grand piano, safe or dental chair. Because, the moving of your precious goods requires a rigorous approach, we take care of it with the greatest care. Our experience extends to:

From a simple upright piano on the ground floor to the concert piano upstairs, we have all the necessary equipment and qualified staff to make your piano transport a pleasant memory. We use special equipment and crates specially designed for the artwork, to provide the best protection during the journey. We are recognized for our professionalism and our know-how in transport and piano moving of all kinds:
- Upright piano move
- Grand piano
- Moving organ
- Harpsichord transport
- Harmonium moves
Your safe move executed without any bad surprises is done by experienced piano movers using specific equipment and physical strength. Entrust your piano move to the best movers!
Your safe move executed without any bad surprises is done by experienced piano movers using specific equipment and physical strength. Entrust your piano move to the best movers!


  • The piano is protected with blankets and / or plastic.
  • The packaging (covers) is fixed using a plastic film.
  • In order to optimize the piano weights, the movers take care of dismantling the movable pieces of piano: the pedals (lyre), the feet, etc. (the grand pianos).
  • Setting up a "skid" to avoid direct piano contact with the floor when handling the piano.
  • The piano is stowed together.
  • The piano is balanced on the dolly.
  • Preparing for the descent of the stairs (as the case may be) for it to be loaded in the truck.
  • The piano transportation to the new destination.
  • The piano is prepared to enter the destination.
  • Pieces that have been removed are reinstalled in their place.
  • The complete removal of the packaging.
  • The piano is placed at the desired place.

Choosing Cargo Moving is choosing true professionals for heavy and fragile objects. Call us for the price of your piano move Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, we guarantee transparent and affordable prices.


The price of a piano move is established as follows: is it a move of upright or grand piano in the same building, same city or a further distance, the difficulties associated with its transport-floors, elevator, straight-line, 90-degree, or level steps, value, age, etc. In the case of a transport in the same city, the cost of a move of upright or grand piano can go up to:

  • - $ 180 + to move an upright or grand piano in the same building
  • - $ 250 + to carry an upright piano, organ in the same city
  • - $ 350 + to transport a grand piano in the same city

Rates are for guidance only and should not be the basic criteria when choosing a piano moving company. It is the professionalism that is paramount.


To ensure the proper functioning of your piano, it is advisable to do the tuning and adjustment of its mechanics at least 1-2 times a year. This way, it stays tuned for longer and you avoid problems that may require additional expenses (such as tuning).


Do not place your piano next to a heat source (at least 2 meters) or in a very humid room. The piano is composed mainly of wood and if the air is too dry or too wet the wood will either absorb moisture or lose it. This can crack or swell the wood. Even the strings expand under the effect of heat and the piano will lose tuning.

Always keep a constant temperature (between 18 ° C and 23 ° C) and humidity between 50% and 70% in the room where the piano is located.

Leave a space of 4 to 8 inches between the wall and your piano (for the upright piano).

For good acoustics choose a wooden floor room. The concrete floor does not absorb the vibrations of your piano.

Do not place heavy objects on the piano or plastic objects, vinyl, and liquids in general. Heavy objects will influence the sound of the piano and plastic, vinyl or liquid objects will harm the surface and the piano mechanism.

Do not place the piano in front of a window where direct sunlight can change the climate and discolor the piano surface.

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