Expert Tips for a successful Move

Tips for a successful Move


1. Use adequate equipment. Avoid used boxes. Sometimes the box might not be strong enough to hold your belongings safe.
2. Mark boxes that are fragile and indicate on each box the destination.
3. For mattresses, we sell plastic covers of any size (Single, Double, Queen, King). Do not forget to order yours for your move ($ 4-6 only).
4. Pack all electronic equipment. If you have kept their original boxes, use them to make sure they arrive safely. Clean your stove, fridge, washer, and dryer before moving.
5. Start packing less important items like those you do not need immediately. Think of the ones you will need when you arrive at your new address. A box for toiletries, toys to keep kids busy and extra clothes.
6. Empty the drawers of your furniture. Drawers may open during the move and their various contents may break.
7. Avoid putting heavy contents in garbage bags. Use them to put light contents such as: clothes, pillows, blankets, etc.
8. Disassemble any furniture that is bulky, fragile and cannot go through the door. Keep all screws in a bag.
9. Make sure to defrost the refrigerator and leave the door slightly open.


Reserve a parking spot for the moving van as close as possible to your home. Good parking will make moving easier, more efficient and of course, less expensive.


If your building has an elevator, do not forget to ask the administration to reserve the lift for the duration of the move. That way, you will save money and avoid the fines imposed by the building administration for an unforeseen move.


1. Do not hesitate to participate in the procedure of your move, your advice may be essential when packing your bulky items or during dismantling / reassembly and marking.
2. Take a look at your home one last time to see if anything has been forgotten.
3.Again check with the driver the destination address and your telephone number.
4. Check that all windows and doors are closed and the switches off.
5. Your presence is mandatory on the day of the move, both at loading and at delivery. However, you can mandate someone to represent you in case of unavailability. Give your young children and pets to friends or family, as the moving day can be stressful.
6. Check the condition of your furniture before the mover leaves and sign the invoice.
7.Upon delivery, you will show the movers the location of each piece of furniture.

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