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Questions to ask for a mover

Moving Cargo on the North Shore realizes local moves and long distances at the best price. You can count on our experience to relocate with confidence your residence, piano or billiard table on the North Shore in the Laurentians and Lanaudiere. Local and long distance travel have additional questions to ask. Many of the questions above are still applicable and should be asked. Ask for everything in writing, e-mail or text (again, it's very important if you need to document your case).

Get a "Home Estimate"

This is especially true for long distance removals. The company will have to inspect your business so they know what the weight, value, size of the truck and the number of workers to send.

If the company just wants to give you a quote over the phone and not detailed, you should consider trying other companies.

Will the company you hired be the one that appears on the day of the move, or does it subcontract to other carriers? This is important because if something happens, you are dealing with two different companies and you have no control over the subcontractor.

Will the same company deliver your goods? Does the company provide a tagged inventory of items being moved?

Although it's a good idea to do your own inventory or even take a picture of each piece, put them on your cell phone so you can show them to the movers on the day of delivery. The most reputable movers have an inventory tag system by which they stick a number to all your items and then record those numbers for each piece. In this way, on the day of delivery, they check all items in stock for everything to be followed. Ask about options to purchase additional replacement protection. If you do not do this, the company is only responsible for paying $ 0.60 / lb for any item lost or damaged. Ask the mover on the cover of the items you have packaged for items packaged by the company.

Ask about the truck they are going to send. Will it be suitable for your location for pickup and delivery?

How long does the move take?

Will the truck be parked in a secure facility overnight and if your items are to be stored, does the company have a relationship with the storage facility? Is it secure? Where is it and contact information should be provided.

You are strongly advised to do as much research as possible, ask lots of questions, write them, ask for references and do your homework. This will make your move very easy!

Good Luck !

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